HD Highlights and Review: Portugal Secures Spot In Euro ’16 After Clinching Victory in Portugal vs Denmark Match

Portugal and Denmark had a head on clash on 8th October, 2015, during the qualifiers for the Euro 2016. Portugal got the game underway, and Portugal immediately made it clear that they were keen to press the ball up the pitch. Portugal got the ball in a good position and got forward with Silva on the right. Denmark recovered well, though, and held their defensive shape as the hosts were forced to go back with the ball during the Portugal vs Denmark match.

Portugal Vs Denmark: Highlights ⇒



Early signs of a visiting defence were strong, and Ronaldo seemed positive that he should have had a free kick, but the referee decided that Wass won the ball fair and square. It seemed like a firly quiet start. Rui Patricio then went on to collect the ball low, when Braithewaite’s cross missed Bendtner by a few inches. 10 min into the game and Denmark gave the ball away in midfield, while Portugal sent out a warning to the visitors as Silva found Ronaldo, who turned to hit a tame effort, only for Schmeichel to collect it easily.

Joan Moutinho’s Goal ⇒



The next minute, Dumisi fell fast awkwardly, trying to claim the ball before Coentrao, who won a free kick. Portugal looked composed on the ball in the box, despite their struggle to make any progress. Ronaldo often dropped too deep to get involved with his teammates, thus limiting the options on offer further up the pitch. The excitement of the game had risen by this time, with Portugal stepping up the tempo. In the 25th min, Danilo won a free kick after a brief spell of pressure on the hosts, while Hojbjerg picked up a booking for a blatant trip. Portugal responded well and ensured that their defenders were first to the ball when Denmark delivered a few crosses into the box. A loose ball dropped to the visitors as Jacobsen found Wass.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Portugal Vs Denmark – Wass and Ronaldo in a superior encounter


Denmark were growing in confidence as the game progressed, but the men who came forward were not getting into the box quickly enough, allowing the hosts to clear any crosses. Silva seemed like the reply by Portugal, though his pass out wide was too strong for Ronaldo. The first close chance in the match came when Denmark made their first defensive mistake of the night, with Portugal being gifted the ball on the edge of the box. Ronaldo responded by teeing up Mountinho, who fired over the crossbar.

Joao Moutinho
Portugal Vs Denmark – The amazing shot of Moutinho


The Portugal vs Denmark match continued with a string level of excitement, and with around 2 min left of the first half, Eriksen picked up a booking for pulling back Silva as Portugal looked to break. As the half came to a close, the score card showed both the teams with no goal.

The game was back underway, with speculations regarding Ronaldo’s performance. With Denmark just a few inches away from breaking the deadlock, the pressure was kept alive by the visitors. Portugal seemed to be recovering from their shaky start. Soon, Ronaldo dropped deep to get involved at the start of an attack as Portugal released Cedric on the right wing. There was a good chance for the hosts, which, however, went missed. Ronaldo soon started to look rather threatening, as he drifted out to the left wing. Tiago reacted quickest in the box, though the Leicester goalie made up for his error with an excellent save.

Joao Moutinho
Portugal Vs Denmark – The Goal Celebration

The match went on to become more and more lively, and in the 65th min, Scheimeichel looked far from convincing when he punched clear from the corner. The ball dropped to Moutinho, who sent a half-volley over the crossbar. The first goal of the match came in the 66th min by Moutinho for Portugal. Denmark, in the 67th min, managed to survive when a dangerous free kick was headed just wide by Tiago. Purtugal, however, kept the pressure on. In the 68th min, Wass received a booking for barely touching Coentrao.

UEFA Euro Qualifier
Portugal Vs Denmark – The Celebration of the Red Jerseys


With about 10 min left of the game, Portugal seemed to be minutes away from clinching the victory. Both the teams played under immense pressure, and Ronaldo even won a free kick in the 86th min, though it was not followed by anything too spectacular. 2 min later, however, he was down holding his knee, though, replays showed that it was nothing too serious. In the last minute of the game, Danilo picked up a yellow card for pulling Agger, winning Denmark a free kick. 4 extra min were added to the game, during which, no significant change was seen.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Portugal Vs Denmark – Cristiano Ronaldo Chasing the ball


As the Portugal vs Denmark match came to an end, Portugal walked out with the victory. Moutinho’s strike had done it for Portugal, helping the team win a spot in the Euro 2016 as group I winners, while Denmark’s Euro ’16 fate is yet to be sealed.