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Are you a soccer fan? If yes, then you must have encountered at least one of the following things that people say about the sport and it annoyed you to the core. These people somehow assume that they have the right to give their insight about improving the game as if that is what is needed to improve the sport loved by billions. Here are 10 most annoying things said by people about soccer that must have bugged you a lot.

10 Most Annoying Things  About Soccer Said By People

10 Most Annoying Things About Soccer Said By People

1. “Just a game” is a remark you and I might not take too seriously after a game in the park or some board game that you win or lose. However, when it comes to this one game, and your team is being relegated by an opponent , this perspective will certainly want you to kill if the person does not get quiet.

2. “Foul ? He was only going for the ball ?” is a thing I have heard just too many times that it evades me why people do not understand that if the ankles of a player were collected by another before the ball, it is a foul and he does get a free kick. It is high time that people understand that.

3. “The goals should be made larger because there are always less goals”. Yes, the scoring a point part in this sport is rare but that is what the thrill is. There is no need of bigger goals or other inane implementations like not letting the goalkeepers utilize their hands.

4. “Must be very annoying to not use your hands to play”. Is it? That’s what sports and athleticism is all about; you accomplish difficult tasks that are physically and mentally challenging.

5. “Beckham is my favorite because he is the best player there is”. Firstly, he does not play anymore and secondly he is the most widely known player and that is not enough criteria of being the best.

6. “More goals are need” or “goals in abundance” is an idea or sometimes a requirement which some people declare with such enthusiasm saying that the rules should be changed for it.

7. “What’s with the fake injury” is also very annoying to hear. Sometimes a player does dive and pretends to be injured but is later fined. Nevertheless, it is not an important part of the sport. Cut the drama and focus on the game.

8. “Draw at 0-0 ? Boring!”. I mean respect the teams defenses and regard the tough competition that was offered by both. Real fans know that the toughest and tensest games sometimes end at this score and a draw.

9.  “But you already watched this game” is one of the Annoying Things often said by someone at your house who are disappointed to find that you cancelled plans only to watch fixtures back to back. They need to understand that if it was a good game, it needs to be watched again.

10. “Why watching this match? You are not Korean” or any other nationality from which one of the teams in the match belong too. The thing is that the sport is played globally and it is not a crime to watch other matches and take interest in them. That is what true fans of a sport generally do.

  • tylord

    I found this post by searching “soccer players fake injuries annoying” haha.. I still dont get it, It is a huge part of the sport as far as prevalence is concerned. Just seems ridiculous and excessive..