10 Best Buddies – Cristiano Ronaldo’s Best Friends

During an exclusive interview, Cristiano once said, “What matters to me? Family, football and money!” But, for an international soccer player of his stature who spends a large part of his time with fellow players, it is not inconceivable to believe that the team is nothing short of his family.

That’s perhaps the reason why he has some great friends. Ronaldo, a man-child with a football, bonds with people on and off the field, and makes friends, over the sport of soccer. Let’s take you on a countdown of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Best Friends.

10 Best Buddies – Cristiano Ronaldo’s Best Friends


10. Yannick Djaló

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Best Friends
Cristiano Ronaldo’s Friend – Yannick Djaló

Yannick Djaló is a Portuguese footballer who, after a junior career with his nation, joined the national team in 2010. Along the way, Ronaldo and Djaló became friends. Their bond is evident from the way they interact and cooperate with each other on the field, and celebrate with each other. Their Djaló seems to bring the youthfulness out of Ronaldo. He is in the 10th place on our list of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Best Friends.

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