Best Buddies - Cristiano Ronaldo’s Best Friends
Best Buddies – Cristiano Ronaldo’s Best Friends
Best Buddies
Best Buddies

Cristiano Ronaldo has been in a number of controversies, be it on the field or off it. Haters often describe him as selfish and conceited, someone who cares only about his personal performances. Off the field, he is always under the scanner for his romantic life, for being involved with numerous women, and for his rivalries with fellow soccer players like Messi. However, there is also another side of Ronaldo – the child-loving philanthropist, the doting father, the man with a childlike enthusiasm for football. His fellow players and peeps would agree that he is also a loyal friend. Together, the good side and the bad side just make him as human as anyone else. And even though most of his friendships are driven by the common goal, these friendships have definitely translated into relationships he seems to cherish.

10 Best Buddies – Cristiano Ronaldo’s Best Friends

1. Cristiano Ronaldo, Jr
2. Pepe
3. Marcelo Vieira
4. Gareth Bale
5. Ricardo Kaká
6. Ricardo Quaresma
7. Gabriel Heinze
8. Nani
9. Wayne Rooney
10. Yannick Djaló

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