10 Best Football Agents in the World

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, and football players are celebrated like any Hollywood star. The youth gets deeply influenced by footballers, and in quest of similar fame through a fun sport, they, too, take up the sport. That is how, talent is born in football. But, it is not enough to have talent in this sport.


It takes an experienced person to spot such talents among the youth, and establish a connection between the player and the teams. These experienced players make a career out of this, and earn commissions by ensuring that the top players get their deserved spot in the best clubs, and get their due. Let us take a look at the 10 Best Football Agents in the World.

10 Best Football Agents in the World

10. Barry Silkman

10 Best Football Agents in the World
10 Best Football Agents

Barry Silkman established himself as one of the top brokers for players’ transfers between some of the best football clubs in the world and made a huge fortune through it. He had also played football for nearly 16 seasons and after retirement from on-field, turned his passion into some serious business, off the field. His footballing career as a player was moderately successful and later also tried his hand in the management field during the 1990s, but what earned him millions is the current profession of him. The 61-year-old superstar football agent currently has a strong portfolio which includes clients like David Villa, Demba Ba and Ravel Morrison. With his on-going portfolio studded with super players, he occupies the tenth spot in our list of 10 best football agents in the world.

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9. Cezary Kucharski

Top 10 Soccer Agents in the World

The footballing world has witnessed that most of the great agents try their best to draw talented players from their own native countries. The scenario of the affection towards their own native land absolutely makes sense as they have great network of contacts in their home countries. One such football agent is Cezary Kucharski who is also the best agent for supplying great talents from Poland. He chose some of the best talents from his own country and showcased them in his own brand in recent years. Kucharski currently has world-class clients like Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski and Dortmund winger Jakub Blaszcykowski, and the feat placed him in the ninth place in our list of 10 best football agents in the world. Besides his work as an agent, he also played sports actively till 2007.

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