10 Best Scooter Riders in the World

Scooter riding is a form of extreme sports. A kick scooter is used by the rider to perform various forms of tricks, in a manner similar to skateboarding or BMX-ing. A large number of people, especially the youth in their teens, get attracted towards this sport and participate. In fact, it can be seen that majority of the scooter riders who have shown their skill and talent start on very early in their lives.


Although this sport has not been able to win as much popularity as other regular or extreme sports, it is definitely on the rise. Teenagers, boys in particular, are attracted to this dangerous but greatly athletic sport, and enter various competitions. Let us take a look at 10 Best Scooter Riders in the World.

10 Best Scooter Riders in the World

10. Robbie Menzies

10 Best Scooter Riders in the World
10 Best Scooter Riders in the World

Robbie Menzies is a 19 year old scooter rider from Helensvale, Gold Coast. He was born on the `24th of May in the year 1995, in his hometown. He began riding scooters back in the year 2008, and enjoys riding in the Deeride indoor skatepark in England. His style of riding essentially involves steeze and flow, and he considers it his personal best trick to flow around. He is greatly inspired by Tom Dugan, watching his BMX videos. This has led him to achieve the 4th position in the Aussie ISA competition, as well as the 3rd position at the ISA World Championships 2012. In 20078, he was ranked at World no. 8, and in 2012, he was placed World no. 3, which is his highest career ranking so far. This Team Rider has a current setup of Blue Apex Barends, with accessories from the same brand.

9. Matt McKeen

10 Best Scooter Riders in the World
10 Best Scooter Riders in the World

Matthey J. McKeen is a successful professional scooter rider. He was born on the 13th of September in the year 1992, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. This 22 year old has an important role to play in the Addict team, and is assisted by his Signature deck and bars. One of the greatest achievements in his scooter riding career is when he was voted as the Best Street Rider of ‘06’ for the Scooter Resource Forum awards. In the year 2009, he also received the opportunity to get filmed for MTV’s season 2 of Nitro Citrus, and it took place in West Chester at the Bam Margera’s compound in his house. He had Cory Vanlew participating with him. They received about 13 seconds of air time between them on the show. Thomas is a bachelor in fine arts and filmmaking.

8. Ben Thomas

10 Best Scooter Riders in the World
10 Best Scooter Riders in the World

Often called by his nickname Da Bennis, Ben Thomas is a scooter rider who is from Australia and is known to inspire many other riders to take up the sport. Born on the 9th of September in the year 1995 in Australia, Thomas’ style of riding involves tech and spine/box. Within just 5 years of starting his journey as a scooter rider, Thomas has received the sponsorships from Sacrifice Scooters and Level 7 Clothing brand. He particularly enjoys riding at the local skatepark High Wycombe. His favourite trick is the flip kickless rewind spine. One of the biggest achievements as a rider for Thomas is his acquisition of the 2nd place in the Moomba competition. Apart from scooter riding, Thomas also enjoys playing football, and finds BMX to be quite fun, as well.

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