10 Best Sports Photographs 2016

Pictures speak a thousand words and so even in today’s world of videos, photographs hold a special place. A picture if captured correctly can convey a message that even a thousand lines of sentences can’t. While videos are obviously more versatile a medium than pictures but the pure brilliance and aesthetic beauty of a still frame is still pretty much in demand. So here we are counting down the 10 Best Sports Photographs 2016.

10 Best Sports Photographs 2016

10. Lionel Messi
10 Best Sports Photographs 2016

At number 10 in our list of 10 Best Sports Photographs 2016 is of Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi, who is usually one of the calmer football superstars out there, lost his cool during Joan Gamper Trophy match against AS Roma. In the picture he is seen grabbing AS Roma defender Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa by the throat.

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9. Jose Mourinho

10 Best Sports Photographs 2016

At number 9 in our list we have Jose Mourinho trying to delay the game at a very important fixture. Mourinho as over the years been involved in many touchline scuffles and in this particular match towards the end of the season Liverpool really needed the win to keep their Championship hopes alive. Mourinho apparently refused to give the ball back to Steven Gerrard and in turn delayed the play, which did work in his favor as Chelsea won the match 2-0 and Liverpool’s title dream got shattered.

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8. Mike Brown

10 Best Sports Photographs 2016

At number 8 in our list of 10 Best Sports Photographs 2016 we have Mike Brown. Brown is a professional English Rugby player and this picture was after England had beater Ireland at the Six Nation’s Match and earned its first Triple Crown. What makes the picture really endearing is Brown’s emphatic leap while punching in the air in celebration while the Irish players in the background look clearly dejected thus showing victory and defeat in the same frame.

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