Cricketers Who Became Commentators

A sports commentator is the person who provides running commentary of a game or event in real-time by live broadcast with media houses. They are the backbone of any sports event as they maintain the thrill in the minds of sports fans, with their voiceover, generally in historical present tense. There are many famous cricketers who moved to the media field after their retirement and chose commentary or sports journalism as their second career. There are many commentators in the cricket field also like Harsha Bhogle, who never played the game of cricket actively but still proved themselves as one of the most successful commentators. Many recently retired cricketers like Adam Gilchrist, Waqar Younis and Sourav Ganguly are also working as guest commentators and match summarizers for various channels as the field of commentary has proved itself as one of the best choices after retirement of an international cricketer. And here is the list of 10 cricketers who became commentators.


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Our team carefully selected the cricketers who successfully turned their career into the field of sports commentary or as a successful media person. We chose the players who had worked with multiple media house as a commentator which further boosts their versatility over the field of cricket commentary. We only selected the cricketers who have multiple channels in their resume throughout their commentator careers. There are few numbers of cricketers who are known as the most successful commentators but didn’t have enough media house profiles to be inducted in the list of cricketers who became commentators.

10 Cricketers Who Became Commentators

10. Mark Nicholas

10 Cricketers Who Became Commentators
10 Cricketers Who Became Commentators

Former English First Class Cricketer Mark Nicholas played for Hampshire from 1978 to 1995 as right-hand batsman and medium pace bowler. He made 18,262 runs in 377 First Class test matches with a batting average of 34.39 and took 72 wickets and made 7,334 runs in 359 First Class One Day matches with a batting average of 27.78. Besides his active cricket career, He wrote cricket columns and worked as a cricket journalist in the Daily Telegraph circulated in England. He started working as a commentator with Sky Sports from 1996 to 1998 and then moved to Channel 4 aired in England in 1999 and worked there till 2005. Nicholas also appeared as a guest commentator of Nine Network aired in Australia since 2001 and Channel 5 aired in England since 2006.

  1. E.W. Swanton

10 Cricketers Who Became Commentators
10 Cricketers Who Became Commentators

Former British Cricketer, journalist and author E.W. Swanton played three matches for Middlesex in 1937-38 seasons and made7 runs in first-class cricket. He was more successful as a cricket journalist and commentator and was easily recognized by his distinctive “fruity” voice. He wrote many famous books on cricket such as Elusive Victory, Cricket and the Clock, Best Cricket Stories and Follow On. He started working for BBC aired in English regions and appeared as the commentator of Test Match Special from 1938 to 1975. He also covered various international matches for BBC Television from 1948 to 1967. Besides his career as a commentator, Swanton also wrote regular columns in The Daily Telegraph circulated in England from 1946 to 1975.

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  1. Ian Chappell

10 Cricketers Who Became Commentators
10 Cricketers Who Became Commentators


Former Australian cricketer Ian Chappell played for Australian national side since 1964 till 1980 as a successful top-order batsman. He was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame on 9 July 2009. He made 5,345 runs in 75 international test matches with a batting average of 42.42 and made 673 runs in 16 ODI matches with a batting average of 48.07. He also played for provincial South Australian team from 1962 till 1980 and played for Lancashire in 1963 season. Besides his active cricket career, Ian Chappell started appearing as a cricket commentator since 1980 with Nine Network aired in Australia. He started working with ESPN Star Sports aired in India since 2007. Besides being a regular commentator, he also appeared as a commentator for Channel 5 in 2009 season.

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