10 Extreme Sports That Can Get You Killed

Extreme sports, otherwise also called adventure sports or action sports are not for those with weak hearts. There are certain sports that has high level of danger involved and they often include grilling physical exertion, lighting speed, dizzying heights and other scary things. Although the origin of extreme sports is not specific, it largely gained popularity in the 90’s and companies started taking notice.

It was around that time that the Extreme Sports Channel and later Extreme.com was launched. The adrenaline rush that these kinds of diverse sports issued made it an instant hit with the young generation. So gear up for some of the most extreme sports that are both risky (like, could-die risky) and exciting:

10 Extreme Sports That Can Get You Killed

10. Flowriding

Also known as flowboarding, is one hell of an extreme sports that involves elements of skimboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding and bodyboarding.

10 Extreme Sports That Can Get You Killed
Flowriding Can get you killed

The challenge is to ride and perform tricks while riding artificial waves in an small area. The waves are called ‘sheet waves’ and they are pumped at a speed between 20 MPH to 30 MPH. Depending on the type of board the riders choose, flowriding can be divided into two types – bodyboard and flowboard. Although there are many different kinds of ‘area’ where the riders ride their board, two, namely the ‘Wave Loch Flow Barrel’ and White ‘Water West Single, Double, and Triple Flow Riders’ are the most recognized ones.

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9. Hand gliding

It’s a kind of air sports where the rider launches a non-motorised hand-glider by pushing against the edge of a cliff with his foot. Hand gliding is in the 9th spot in our list of extreme sports that can get you killed.

Hand gliding – One of the toughest sports

The rider hangs on the harness suspending from the wing-frame and changes direction of the glider by shifting her/his body weight; although these days some hand-gliders come with control systems too. Now as for the glider, its light weighted and is normally made of aluminium alloy or composite frame covered with sailcloths that form wings of the glider.

Fun Fact: Historically gliding has been recorded in China as early as the end of 6th century. At that time they made gigantic kites that could sustain the weight of an ordinary man.

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8. Airsoft

It’s a sport where two teams endeavour to eliminate their opponents by fake-shooting using Airsoft pellets via Airsoft guns. Airsoft is in the 8th spot in our list of extreme sports that can get you killed.

Airsoft Sport
Airsoft – Its so like the real ‘WAR’

The pellets are spherical and non-metallic and the guns are designed to closely emulate real guns. The style and composition of the game varies ranging from re-enactment of historical events to a regular enactment of combat situations on the battlefield. Military tactic and organised scenarios are used to bring each member of the opponent team down.

Airsoft had its origin in Japan and became popular following it spread in the United Kingdom in the 80s. Today, the game is used as a military drill by many law enforcement agencies in the United States.

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