10 Game Ideas for Halloween Party

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Halloween is an occasion that arrives once a year and is being celebrated all over the world with numerous themes being incorporated in the party. People throw Halloween parties at their houses with their friends and families and set up a theme for it. When it comes to throwing a Halloween party the most important thing to decide for the host comprises of the game ideas. The presence of games in every party is the most crucial one as it helps keeping the guests occupied. In the same way, the Halloween games must always be decided in a way that they apart from appealing children also appeal adults. You may come across numerous game ideas for your upcoming Halloween party however; below we have suggested a few Game Ideas for Halloween Party which might be of some help.

Game Ideas for Halloween Party

  • The host may organize a haunted zone for the people where a few imitating ghosts might appear to play hide and seek with the guests creating a fun filled activity based on the Halloween theme.
  • One may also go for the Halloween scrabble game as well. The Halloween scrabble would be a game associated specifically with the Halloween related words and this game will be a great enjoyment for the adults.
  • Arrangement of musical chairs with a spooky music is also a choice to be considered for the Halloween games and will prove to be a great idea for children as well as adults.
  • There might be a task oriented game being selected as well. Like, you may require guests to run with the balloon between their legs and cover a certain distance within given time.
  • There may be a box being setup with black and orange balloons out of which the players may be required to find some tiny items within a given time.
  • Creation of a scarecrow by a group of players might be a great choice as well. There shall be two or three teams being selected with a group of people where the team that assembles the scarecrow first turns out to be the winner.
  • Finding out zombies in the party can be a great game choice as well. Some of the people must dress up like zombies and try to hide all over where the player looks for them as a task.
  • Bowling is also a choice to be considered for the Halloween games. However, instead of using the usual bowling ball a pumpkin ball shall be the choice to maintain the theme.
  • A tub of water can be filled up with black water and orange ghosts made out of foam might be required to be located and found in order to win the game.
  • Eating as many Halloween candies as possible shall be a choice of game as well. The one who is able to eat most of the candies can be the winner.

All the ideas discussed above are provided keeping in consideration the Halloween theme of the party and are perfect to make your guests enjoy and keep them busy in your upcoming Halloween party. These were some Game Ideas for Halloween Party.