10 Grandest Moments In The History Of Indian Sports (Part 2)

Indian has tons of talented sportsmen who have often made global audience as well as media sit up and pay attention. It’s always worth remembering the great things achieved by these sportsmen, not just because they are incredible achievements that got recorded in sports history books for the rest of eternity but also because they are human achievements.

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These grand moments reflect what humans can achieve even when such a feat has never been pulled off or thought of before. This is part 2 of my attempt to list some of the most memorable moments in the history of Indian sports. Brace yourselves for another dose of sheer awesomeness of Indian athletes.

Grandest Moments In The History Of Indian Sports
Grandest Moments In The History Of Indian Sports
10 Grandest Moments In The History Of Indian Sports (Part 2)

10. When Saina Nehwal Nailed The Indonesian Open

Grandest Moments In The History Of Indian Sports

In the year 2009, Saina Nehwal by winning the Indonesian Open became the first Indian to win the most prestigious title of BWF Super Series. She defeated Chinese super power Wang Lin. Nehwal assured herself of the No.1 spot in Women’s Singles on March 28, 2015 becoming the first Indian women to do so and the second Indian after Prakash Padukone.
Just so that you know Saina was a Bronze medal winner at the London Olympics 2012. She also has a brown belt in Karate, just saying.

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9. Anju Bobby George’s Glorious Long Jump

Grandest Moments In The History Of Indian Sports

Anju Bobby George made a historic 6.70m long jump at the 2003 World Championship in Athletics. She was awarded with a bronze medal, becoming the first Indian to ever win a medal at the prestigious Championship.
Again in 2005 at the IAAF World Athletics Final, Anju, in a performance that she considered her best, won gold.

Fun fact: In the 2005 IAAF World Athletics Final in Monte Carlo, Anju came second winning the silver but owing to the disqualification of Tatyana Kotova from Russia, she was upgraded, winning the gold medal.

8. India Kabaddi Team Won The First Kabaddi World Cup

Grandest Moments In The History Of Indian Sports
india kabaddi team

The first Kabaddi World Cup was held in the year 2004 and unsurprisingly Indian team nailed the cup. Since 2010 the Kabaddi World Cup has become an annual event and India remains unbeaten till date (in both men’s and women’s categories).
For those of you who don’t know what Kabaddi is, here was tiny introduction to this amazing sport – The game has its origin in ancient India. Largely popular in South Asia, the Indian Kabaddi follows four kinds of styles – Sanjeevani, Amar, Gaminee & Punjabi. It’s also the national game of Nepal and Bangladesh.

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