10 Greatest Match-Fixing Scandals In Cricket

Cricket is no stranger to controversy and being an extremely popular and revered game, it’s bound to attract crime syndicates trying to make profits out of it. Besides gambling and betting, match-fixing has emerged as an incredibly profiting venture for both the players and shady syndicates, that is, until they get caught.


Match-fixing is when players are paid off by gamblers for playing with a pre-determined result in view. This method of playing violates various laws and game rules that may result in fine, jail or partial to complete ban. Over the years a number of cricketers have been convicted guilty of being in active connection with bookies. Here we bring you 10 of the greatest match-fixing scandals in the history of cricket.

10 Greatest Match-Fixing Scandals In Cricket

10. Maurice Odumbe

Maurice Odumbe
Maurice Odumbe

This Kenyan cricketer was one the leading players in the 1996 Cricket World Cup and won the title of Man of the Match during Kenya’s victory over West Indies. In 2004, following suspicions of match-fixing, the ICC investigated and found Odumbe guilty of taking bribes. As a result he was banned for 5 years. Although many believed that the ban would end his career, Odumbe promised to return from the pits of one of the greatest match-fixing scandals of all time. In 2009, Odumbe began playing competitive cricket at domestic level.

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