Inspirational Cricketers

Being passionate cricket followers, we tend to ignore the fact that our role model cricketers are dealing with physical or mental issues in the background while they’re playing perfectly on the field,which is why their physical or mental concerns are not apparent on the screen or even at the ground.


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Discovering about these off-field issues not only increases our respect for these big hearted individuals, but also inspires us in achieving our own goals. Performing a little study, one would be surprised knowing what each of these inspiring cricketers, from the past and present, have confronted throughout their life. let us know via your comments below the post, if someone missing. you ca also read our previuos list of top 10 most inspirational athletes of all time.

Most Inspirational Cricketers

10. Michael Atherton:

Struck by crippling back disease

Inspirational Cricketers
#10 Inspirational Cricketers

Mike Atherton, England’s opener and captain,had a degenerative condition called ankylosing spondylitis (AS) that cripples thousands of people in Britain alone and gave him constant pain throughout his career. Atherton was first diagnosed with this disorder in his early 20s.

Despite his condition, Atherton was never the one always smiling when in front of cameras. He was constantly suffering pain from a disease that would have stopped other men playing anything, let alone participating in cricket at the highest level.
For most chunk of his career, Atherton kept this pain as a secret, as he was afraid it might put a question mark over his England captaincy.He went to the limits of having an operation in a private hospital in Nottingham, in 1992,to keep his ailment undisclosed to the world.

9. Brian Lara: Hepatitis B patient

Inspirational Cricketers
#9 Inspirational Cricketers

Brian Lara, the West Indian skipper, is known to be one of the best left-handed batsmen the cricket world has ever witnessed. He took the bowlers away by storm with his shot making and aggressive intent during the 1990’s.
In 2002, Lara’s future as a cricketer was somewhat known to be uncertain by medical practitioners when he was diagnosed with Hepatitis B. Lara was dropped from the ICC Champions Trophy and subsequent tour.The actual nature of Lara’s illness was kept surreptitious when the West Indian team management had refused to disclose the problems. Lara was rushed to the hospital after scoring a century in a pool game where the illness was discovered.

Hepatitis B is considered curable but numerous cases end up with major malfunctioning of the liver. But all this didn’t keep Lara out of the hunt for glory. Lara scored test cricket’s first ever, and so far the only 400, in 2004 against England, regaining his world record back from Mathew Hayden. Critics say, only Lara could have recovered and done that.

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8. Michael Slater:

Rare form of arthritis which shortened a career

Inspirational Cricketers
#8 Inspirational Cricketers

Michael Slater, the Australian opener when Australia was its peak, ripped apart opposing teams with expertise and elegance while enjoying the game at the same time.But that was only the superficial part of his story. There was always much more to him than his batting statistics, and seemingly what looked like a comfortable road for him was, in fact, like walking on a thorny path all day. Slater suffered from ankylosing spondylitis (AS), a back problem.

Slats, as he is lovingly known, have been living with AS since he was 18, a condition that haunted him throughout his life. Yet, heended his career as one of the best openers in test cricket.

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