10 MLB Players to watch on 2015

A new Major League Baseball season has just started and with it, new expectations, hopes and dreams have flourished. For die-hard baseball fans, every opening day is like a rebirth, the real New Year’s Day.


As usually happens, each new season brings new faces in new teams, comebacks after suspensions or injuries and players whose performance are expected to be maintained or improved on the new season, and we, the fans, will keep a track on them. This year is not an exception and here it is our list of 10 MLB players to watch on 2015.

10 MLB Players to watch on 2015

10. Pablo SandovalBoston Red Sox

10 MLB Players to watch on 2015
Best Baseball Players of MLB in 2015

After seven years with the San Francisco Giants, three trips to postseason and the same number of World Series rings, former bay area-idol has arrived to the east coast, to play with the Boston Red Sox. Sandoval would have not made the list of 10 MLB Players to watch on 2015 if not for his bitter comments about his former team, which caused many San Francisco’s fans to lose respect for him. The fans and the press of his new team are tough and they are expected to boo him everytime he falls into many of his usual slumps and they won’t tolerate his overweight, in fact, at the beginning of spring training his weight caused controversy. Besides, Sandoval signed a huge contract -95$ million per 5 years- that for many is exaggerated. Kung Fu Panda would have to proof he is worth that money… but you know, Pablo? Boston is not as friendly as San Francisco.

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9. Didi GregoriusNew York Yankees

Amazing MLB Players to watch on 2015

Twenty-five years Old Dutch shortstop is not a big name, in fact, to most of baseball fans, his name was unknown until this season. Didi has just 191 MLB games played in three years (average of 63.7) and 647 at bats and his three slash lines is .243/.313/.363… not impressive after all. However, Gregorius will have a tough job this season: fill in the boots of legend Derek Jeter, who retired last year.  Of course, Gregorius is not expected to be equal to him or repeat his legendary path, but he will have to convince the demanding Yankees’ fanbase that Jeter is no longer necessary in the new scheme of the team. He made the list of 10 MLB players to watch on 2015 due to the player he’s called to replace. He does not seem to be near to Jeter’s offense; but defensively, his teammates and his manager have praised his skills.

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8. Miguel CabreraDetroit Tigers

Best Players of MLB in 2015

There is no doubt that Miguel Cabrera is arguably the best pure hitter of the game today. Three batting crowns, one Triple Crown and posting a batting average above .300 in nine of the past ten seasons, says it all about Venezuelan slugger. But why did Cabrera ranked eighth in our list of 10 MLB players to watch on 2015? His 2014 season was good for the rest of the league’ standards but unusual for him. His home run total declined almost 50%, his RBIs numbers dropped too as well as his batting average, on base percentage, slugging and walks totals and his strikeouts climbed over 100. It was all due to an ankle injury that prevented him from winning his fourth batting title in a row. Cabrera successfully underwent an ankle surgery last October and if his injury was the reason behind his disappointing last season, we may be seeing another epic season at bat for Venezuelan tiger.

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