10 More Tragic Disasters in The World of Sports (Part 2)

Disaster is not immune to anyone, whether it’s the sportsmen or the spectators. It may be caused due to low safety standards or overcrowding or even by crazy fans who can’t face defeat like honourable sportsfans. This list is in (descending) order based on the years that the tragedies took place. Before you read this, check out part 1 of Disasters in The World of Sports.

10 More Tragic Disasters in The World of Sports (Part 2)
10 More Tragic Disasters in The World of Sports (Part 2)
Disasters in The World of Sports

Number 10 on Disasters in The World of Sports, On 1 February 2012 during the Egyptian Premier League football match, the El Ahly clubs ended up beating El Masry. This sent the El Masry football club fans into a ragging fit and they suddenly stormed into the stadium, searching and beating up every El Ahly fans they could get their hands on. So much for sportsmanship! They attacked El Ahly players and their fans with knives, stones, bottle and even fireworks. It lead to 72 absolutely meaningless deaths, over 500 injured. Later, to teach fans how to behave in the stadium the Egyptian government had banned domestic league matches for two years.

Interesting fact: During the riot some well-known anti-SCAF and anti-government revolutionary were targeted and badly injured. This has lead several people to believe that the riot was not spontaneous but a political manoeuvre.

When trials were held in 2013 a group of pricks lead another anti-verdict riot which resulted in 20 more deaths and 250 people being injured.

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