Would not be wrong saying that football being the world’s most popular sport has got the most charming personalities which is one reason why it attracts the most audience towards it. This is a sport which is equally famous, especially, among children and youngsters. Football or Soccer, whatever you can call, is a game that has a record of highest number of audience in a single match.


Here is Updated List For 2015 Handsome Soccer Players

Fans, not only, love watching the sport as a game but they also get fascinated by the handsome players under it. is a sport with the most striking and spunky players worldwide. Here we bring to you a list of the Top 10 Most Handsome Football Players of 2014. They are handsome, hottest yet attractive. So here we go with the world’s most popular superstars!!!

Most Handsome Football Players of 2014

Let The Countdown Begin

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  • Rickman’sSecretLover

    Who made this list? Are you blind? The only worthy one of this countdown is Beckham.

    Messi is the ugliest thing ever to have set foot on a football field!!

    • neymar

      shut the fuck

  • duc anh

    Donde esta Marco Reus?

  • Marge Davis

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    • odinese

      Where is neymar!!!

  • tommysimpson

    This is quite funny really, for some reason Rooney’s on the list, with his head superimposed on the leaner and more muscular body of a Bayern Munich player.

  • james holloway

    Wayne Rooney u f#### nuts?….

    • RagingCandy

      hahah unbelievable

  • JennyLee

    the only one I agree with is DAVID VILLA. He’s gorgeous 🙂

  • Reyman’s wife

    Neymar should be in this list!

  • Neymarchick

    Where is Neymar? He is so hot! Have you ever seen his eyes and face people?! CUTE in da house!!!!

    • RagingCandy

      To me he looks like rat.

  • missan

    Alireza haghighi iranian goal keeper …

  • hamann

    where is the alireza haghighi…

    • RagingCandy

      Yes Ali Reza and Asmir Begovic are missing there.

  • ali

    kidding…Iranians player are on top debating today.specially Goalkeeper (Alireza Haghighi)

  • maria

    are you blind?where is alireza haghighi???????????

  • Luke

    This is a f***ing list.Kaka (Ricardo Izeson Dos Santos Leite) is the unrivalled handsome footballer in the world, and he is simply excluded from the list.The writer must have Ganser Syndrome.

    • Yeah, your so so right.. this is big miss-take we have done in list.
      you will see “KAKA” in some time. Thank You.

      • Arjen Robben

        Why not Arjen Robben, i think he is the hottest

  • Sara Green

    whoever made this, has terrible taste in men….

    • RagingCandy

      I agree.

  • RagingCandy

    Your taste in men is horrible. Consider checking real men: Ali Reza Haghigi, Asmir Begovic, Steven Gerard, Kevin Prince Boateng, Didier Drogba… These men are georgeous.

    • El Saraawwy

      Why there is no black
      Black player at the list
      You forget About
      Etoo en Drogba or muntari en
      Gambian star Mustapha Jarju

  • neymar lover

    neymar is so handsome

  • Lewisa

    Persie is beaauutiifuulll! Better looking than the guys you’ve put on the list. You forgot about Marchisio, Hummels, Rodriguez, Oscar, Janmaat, Vrij, Klose, Blind, etc

  • google

    who iz requesting for neymer, plizzz he is just a good footballer but no looks, even the boeteng brothers are far much better.

  • FreakyDeakyMonster

    They could’ve put the whole Spanish football team, but it would’ve been too obvious who are the most handsome football players, okay.

  • shaheen

    Neymar, where is neymar. Guys you can’t forget Neymar. He is handsome, sexy, he is just perfect. For God and football sake please add Neymar. The one who made the list must check it once at least before posting.

  • Kyle

    Orestis Karnezis, Greece’s goalkeeper. Come on, he was the hottest of all in this cup.

  • fs

    what? ronaldo? this rank is suck

    • El Saraawwy

      Where is
      El Saraawwy
      I’m man utd fans
      But Saraawwy sut be there

  • wuts wrung

    Where’s Ribery? Tevez?

  • Mrs.Santos

    how could you NOT add Neymar ? He’s supposed to be #1 on the list…..
    in fact this list is very crappy!

  • jona

    shame where are hazard and ramsey while messi and torres is in its ur assumption not true

  • handsomerandyblackladdiebrad

    No Negroes on this list.Hmmmm……Small wonder Russia’s (and other countries’) soccer racists feel emboldened to behave like the ugly,nasty,lumpen proletariat scum they’ve always been.(And why Europe’s going down the old commode!!!)

  • spanish chica

    Marco Borriellooooooooooo?????!!!

  • hi

    where is Oliver Giroud and eden hazard there fucking sexy. fabregas is a five star turd.

  • hi

    torres is a fucking bitching turd. cesc fabregas is goofy

  • hi

    I want hazard in my pants

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