10 Most Insane Sports Riots In History

Losing is often difficult to swallow. Even when someone is not personally involved in the process, it’s difficult to accept that her/his team lost after putting so much hope on them. But it often happens that a city’s team plays for a championship and win or lose, fans riot shortly after the final game ends.

Throughout history, the world of sports have witness a number of shameful sports riots. Here we bring you 10 most insane sports riots in history.

10 Most Insane Sports Riots In History

10. Nika riots (532 AD)

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At number 10 of the 10 most insane sports riot in history is the Nika riots. This is the oldest recoded sports riot. When Emperor Justinian I ruled over ancient Roman there lacked proper outlet of grievance of citizens. So during certain competitive sporting events, things often got very tense. The Nika riot started taking shape during a chariot racing in Constantinople when people began shouting political demands during the race. On January 13, 532, an angry mob came to the Hippodrome of Constantinople to attend another racing event. Things escalated fast. Initially Justinian wanted to flee but soon he managed to get the mob under control. Altogether 30,000 people were killed, buildings were burned and destroyed and all of these happened over the course of a week.

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9. Richard Riot (1955)

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At number 9 of the 10 most insane sports riots in history is the Richard riots. Maurice Richard was a star ice hockey player. He played for the Montreal Canadians of the National Hockey League. During the 1954–55 NHL season he hit a linesman and got suspended. This caused people to lose their mind who felt the punishment was too harsh and the duration was too long. On March 17, 1955 the Canadians’ first game after Richard’s suspension was set at the Montreal Forum. Richard’s presence at the game struck a raw nerve and riot broke out. Tension eased only after Richard pleaded and assured the rioters of his return. An estimated $100,000 of property damage was recorded.

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8. Estadio Nacional disaster (1964)

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At number 8 of the 10 most insane sports riots in history is the Estadio Nacional disaster. Also known as the Lima football riot, it occurred during a game between Peru and Argentina. It was a very significant qualifying round for the Tokyo Olympics’ football tournament and it attracted around 53,000 people. Argentine was leading and six minutes before the whistle, Peru was denied an equalising goal. This set off fans of Peru into committing a violent riot. Infuriated fans invaded the pitch and began vandalising things. The police had to use tear gas and people began to panic. Everyone rushed towards the gate and a number of people got crushed in the stairwells down to the street level. Officially 328 people were killed in the riot.

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