10 Most Successful Teams in Copa America

Copa America was earlier known as the South American Football Championship. It is an international competition in which the men’s national football teams of CONMEBOL compete. Thus, the continental champion of South America is determined through this competition.

According to the current format of the tournament, twelve teams have to compete at venues in the country hosting the tournament, during a period of almost a month. The confederation has ten teams. The remaining two places are filled by national teams from other FIFA confederations. Let us take a look at the 10 Most Successful Teams in Copa America.

10 Most Successful Teams in Copa America

10. Ecuador

Ecuador national football team participated in a total of 108 final round matches in Copa America as of the recent 2015 tournament season. The team has earned 61 total points till now and is inducted in the tenth place in our list of 10 most successful teams in Copa America. Ecuador won a total of 14 Copa America matches, and faced 19 losses and 75 draws as of the recent football season. They scored a total of 114 goals in 108 Copa America matches and 296 goals were scored against them by the opponents till now. Ecuador national football team currently has -182 goal differences in their Copa America history.

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