Oldest Stadiums

Stadiums are the centerpiece of any sporting event, starting from the ancient times till the modern days. From the Greek period when Olympic was first established to entertain a huge crowd till the recent days’ events of Olympic, which were broadcasted worldwide, the stadiums are always the center of attraction. The word “Stadium” was derived from the Greek word “stadion” which is a measure of length equaling the length of 600 human feet according to ancient Greek scriptures.


As the current unit of measurement, 1 stadion stands for 600 feet or 180 meter where the length of a human step is considered 1 foot. It may also signify a length up to 15% larger or smaller than the modern unit, according to various ancient scriptures. The Romans had the similar measurements, but about 607 feet or 185 meters as it was described as to be a distance of 125 passi or double-paces. There are many stadiums which are developed in modern times, but there are also many which were neglected irrespective of their antiquity. And here is the list of 10 oldest stadiums around the globe.

10 Oldest Stadiums around the Globe


10. White City Stadium

Oldest Stadiums
Oldest Stadiums around the Globe

White City Stadium is widely regarded as the precursor to the modern seater stadium. It was mainly built for the 1908 Summer Olympics but also hosted a match at the 1966 FIFA World Cup. This stadium used to host the greyhound racing and speedway. White City Stadium was the host of the finish for the first ever modern distance marathon and is the first Olympic Stadium in the United Kingdom. White City Stadium was designed by engineer J. J. Webster and constructed by George Wimpey with a seating capacity of 68,000. This stadium was opened for public on 27 April 1908 by King Edward VII. It was also the home ground of the White City Rebels speedway team from 1976 to 1978. After its demolition in 1985, the site is now the BBC White City.

9. South End Grounds

Oldest Stadiums

South End Grounds were a group of three baseball stadiums in Boston, Massachusetts. This stadium used to be the home ground of the American baseball club Boston Braves in the National League and the National Association between 1871 and 1914. Due to its design similarity with Polo Grounds, it was often said that the south end Ground only had a center field but didn’t have right or left field. It was opened on May 16, 1871 for the first time, and the last game was played on September 10, 1887. It was demolished and then reopened on May 25, 1888, and later destroyed in the Great Roxbury Fire of May 15, 1894. It was reopened for the final time on July 20, 1894 after reconstruction. It used to have a capacity of 6,800 and had a grass surface.

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8. Old Trafford Stadium

Oldest Stadiums

The Old Trafford football Stadium is the second-largest football stadium in the United Kingdom. This stadium is located in Greater Manchester, England and is the home ground of Manchester United F.C. It is also the ninth-largest stadium in Europe with its seating capacity of 75,635. Old Trafford hosted several matches of the 1966 FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro 96 and hosted the final of 2003 Champions League. This stadium hosts Super League Grand Final each year and already twice hosted the final matches of the Rugby League World Cups. Old Trafford was also a main stadium of the 2012 London Olympics. This stadium was constructed by legendary Architect Archibald Leitch and officially opened on 19 February 1910.

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