10 sport stars who love animals

No matter how much we like to fascinate ourselves with the assumption that being a sport star implies that one is devoid of the usual humdrum of ordinary life, the truth says otherwise. A sportstar can just be the guy next door, with own sets of fun, worries, and pets.

sportstars who love animals

Yes, you heard that right! Surprisingly, the list for the sportstars who love animals is a rather bulky one, and it has some really intriguing facts that will absolutely arrest your attention! So here is the compilation 10 sport stars who love animals. Buckle up!

10 sport stars who love animals

10 . Darnell Dockett

sport stars who love animals

Here is a guy who will make you stumble provided he brags about the pet he owns. Yes, as an opening name for the sport stars who love animals, nothing can be a better start than Darnell Dockett, the american footballer who happens to have a pet alligator.

This defensive bloke from the Cardinals made quite a sensation back in 2011 when he proposed that he will actually join his training camp being accompanied by none other than Nino, his pet alligator!

Darnell even tried to take it one step further when he decided to adopt a baby tiger, who could be an interesting mate for Nino. Unfortunately enough, PETA lodged a complaint against him to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Well, next time if you have to identify Darnell Dockett as the weird guy who annoyed AJ McCarron’s girlfriend on Twitter, think twice!

9 . Matt Wieters

sport stars who love animals

The second name among the sport stars who love animals, we indeed have a significant choice. He is Baltimore Orioles catcher Matt Wieters. Matt was a highlighted inclusion to the enthusiasts who were very actively involved with Pawject Runway, a Baltimore fashion show featuring attractive collection of dogs and cats in August. All the proceeds were reported go toward animal rescue quest, CBS Baltimore exclaimed.

Interestingly,Matt’s wife, Maria is on the board of directors of the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter. Together they have a German Shepherd and two cats as their pet. Animal lovers indeed!

8 . Brendon Ayanbadejo

sport stars who love animals

The former Ravens linebacker is an interesting addition to the list of sport stars who love animals. But Brendon is a familar animal advocate, and very opinionated in expressing his love for animals too. In fact, He once volunteered to pose for a fantastic ad with his pet, a French bulldog, Buster, to vocalize his protest against animal abuse.

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