10 Most Tattooed Footballers in World Cup 2014

Some players stand on tattoos! Here we present you list of 10 players in Brazil World Cup 2014 who cover most of their bodies with tattoos.

10 Most Tattooed Footballers in World Cup 2014

10 Most Tattooed Footballers in World Cup 2014

Tim Howard is the most decorated and tattooed player on the US team. The tattoos on his body ranges from portraits of his kids to a Superman logo, and an outline of the state of New Jersey.

He has also shared his PETA ad, which he shared with his fans via instagram which can give a detailed account of his tattoos.

10 Most Tattooed Footballers in World Cup 2014

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, known as from his short name, Neymaris a brazilian footballer who plays for FC Barcelona in the spanish La Liga and as a striker for brazilian national team. Neymar has Gained Popularity in very short Time, he is Also one of Highest Paid Footballer in the World.

Brazilian superstar Neymar has tattoos on the back of his neck, his finger, and parts of his arm. You can see the chest tattoo he has, which translates to “Every weapon… and every language… ball which is his… which isn’t his.”

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10 Most Tattooed Footballers in World Cup 2014

One of Most Controversial Players in Soccer World: The Italian striker upon scoring his first goal of the Premiere League season back in 2012, celebrated by getting the words of Genghis Khan tattooed on the left side of his chest:

“I am the punishment of God. If you had not committed great sin, God would not have sent A punishment like me upon you.

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  • suzette

    This pictures are old, Tim Howard has SO MANY more tattoos now, Dani Alves has both sleeves. Mario Balotelli and Neymar just have a few

  • Neca

    I think that Zlatan and Meireles are the only ones who really like tattoos!

  • Markus

    After reading this article I’m convinced that Neymar will end up with more tattoos than anyone else!