Inspirational Athletes

In sports history, there have been many professional athletes/sportsmen who have inspired the world with their Creativity.

12 Most Inspirational Athletes In Sports History
Most Inspirational Athletes

Muhammad Ali (Boxing), Tom Brady (NFL) and Tiger Woods (Golf) are one of those who have inspired others in their respective sports. here we going to compile the list of top 12 Most Inspirational Athletes In Sports History.

12 Most Inspirational Athletes

12. Jahangir Khan – Squash

Jahangir khan is a former Pakistani squash player. He is widely considered as the greatest squash player ever.  His greatest record in the game was the glorious winning streak of 555 games in a row, which is an achievement embedded in the Guinness world record books. This amount of consecutive victories have never been witnessed anywhere in the world in any sport.  According to Jahangir khan himself,” I was told I would never become world champion as I was the youngest, feeblest and the sickest member of the family. Even the doctors told me that I would never become a good squash player”. Today, he is regarded as a true source of inspiration by aspiring squash players in Pakistan as well as other parts of the world.

11. Michael Phelps – Swimming

Next on Inspirational Athletes, The American swimming phenom has been an inspiration to swimmers everywhere since he busted onto the scene back in 2000.
Phelps has won 14 gold medals in his Career, including an incredible eight first-place finishes in the Beijing Olympics 2008. At the age of just 26 years, he has a chance to be the greatest athlete to ever participate in his sport.

10. Sachin Tendulkar – Cricket

Next on Inspirational Athletes,  Sachin Tendulkar is an Indian cricketer and a legendary figure among the Indian masses. His great achievements in the game have earned him the nickname of ‘little master’, ‘master blaster’ and ‘the god of cricket’. After completing his 100th century, Tendulkar became the greatest player in the history of cricket surpassing every other player of the past as well as the modern era. Sachin’s 25 years in the game have been a true source of entertainment as well an inspiration for the Indian public. Today, he stands like a godly figure and a cultural icon for the young generation of India.

9. Babe Ruth – Baseball

Next on Inspirational Athletes, Babe Ruth was an American professional baseball player who was called by his fans as, the bambino’ and ‘the sultan of swat’. He was a legendary player who had a long struggling history in the past. Ruth rose to fame from an orphanage, where he stayed after his father died while he was still a child. Starting from his early struggling life at the reformatory school, he established himself as one of the finest baseball players in the American baseball history. He is widely considered as a folk hero by the American public. Today, his legend still inspires millions of aspiring baseball players who look up to his profile as a source of blessing.

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8. Tom Brady – American Football

Next on Inspirational Athletes,  Tom Brady is an American New England Patriots’ quarterback for the NFL. He is an iconic player of the national football league and is one of the most inspirational athletes. His passion and hard work got him selected for the MLB while he was still young, but he chose college football instead. He knew exactly what he wanted to achieve right from start of this thrilling career. Today, he is called one of the best quarterback players of his generation.

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