Aditya Dev

Aditya Dev,
Aditya Dev full name Aditya Romeo Dev is the world’s ‘Shortest Bodybuilder’ and also the ‘Shortest athlete of all time’. He was born in 1988 at Phagwara, India. was an Indian body builder, entertainer and dancer. Aditya Dev dwarfism made famous by being reported in the UK press in February 2008. Romeo can shoulder press custom made 1.5 kg dumbbells, a notable feat given his 9 kg (20 lbs.) body weight and 84 cm (2′ 9″) stature.
in 2006 Guinness World Records book recognized him to be the “world’s smallest bodybuilder. Dev made many appearances on local television Channals to Show his dancing abilities Front of Indian Viewers. Aditya Romeo Dev died on 13 September 2012 after a brain aneurysm rupture in Age of 23. he is No 1 in the List of Top 10 Shortest  Athlete of All Time.

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