10 Awesome Apps For Sports Fans

For any sports fanatics, sports apps are a must-have. Whether it’s videos, news, score, stats, highlights or analysis, sports app keeps you connected with your loved team or game while on the go.

Apps For Sports Fans

But with the large amount of sports apps available out there, chances are you’d have to install and trash a number of apps before settling on the one that suits you.  Today we’re taking a look at about 10 awesome apps for sports fans:

10 Awesome Apps For Sports Fans

10. 365Scores

Apps For Sports Fans

365Scores app promises you a unique experience by allowing you to create your own sports channel. Fans can tailor their channels based on their favourite teams and leagues. And whenever there’s a live matching going on of your favourite team, 365Scores makes sure you are up-to-date with the score. Features like love stream, sports news, alerts, videos including statistics, lineups and goal highlights are available in the app. It covers the US as well as international football event. Fans can customise the app to receive notification on leagues, games or events of their choice. To download the 365Score app head to App Stores or Google Play or Windows Store.

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9. SportsManias: Sports News Feed
Apps For Sports Fans

Founded in 2011, the SportsManias brings a dynamic mix of sports news via tweets, photos, videos and articles. It occupies the number 9 position of 10 awesome apps for sports fan. It’s available in both Android and iOS devices. Besides the usual live streaming, scores, news and other stats, the app gives glimpses of social interaction among sports fans. Personalize SportsManias  coverage is available for the following leagues – NCAA football, NBA, NFL, MLC, NHL, The Premiere League, NCAA basketball, LIGA MX, Series A and  LA LIGA.

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8. CBS Sport

Apps For Sports Fans

CBS Sport is part of the American television network called the CBS. Available in both Android and iOS for free, the CBS Sports provide statistics, scores, news articles and tweets. The app is of course customisable so you can keep track of progresses made by your favourite teams or sports. CBS Sports provides real time stats for almost all major sports including football, hockey, baseball, basketball, golf auto racing, tennis etc. It covers a wide range of league in each of these sports. Apart from getting personalised push video, live video streaming, news, the app also offers CBS Sports Radio live stream and podcasts.

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