Best Teams that Failed to win the NCAA Title
It isn’t always the best teams in the NCAA that go on to win the title, sometimes an upset can be so unexpected that a struggling team that has been bottom most of the season succeeds to snatch the title from established favorites. Sometimes it is the difference that a single player can make that takes his team to victory; and when that one star player does a cock up, the whole team suffers (Ralph Sampson of Virginia is pictured).

Best Teams that Failed to win the NCAA Title Following is list of some of the most memorable upsets in professional basketball, or; the “Best Teams that failed” if you will.

Best Teams that Failed to win the NCAA Title

#9-Houston 1982-83

Best Teams that Failed to win the NCAA Title
With a team comprising of Clyde Drexler, Phi Slama Jama, Michael Young and Akeem Olajuwon; the Houston Cougars is regarded to be the finest team ever to have been in an NCAA title match and lost it. The Houston Cougars’ winning streak leading up to the final match of the NCAA is considered the most impressive in college basketball history. They were such favorites among the general public that people were betting on the Cougars even before they had qualified for the final, but the unthinkable happened when they were pitched against NC State during the 1983 season, the Cougars were defeated at the last minute when Lorenzo Charles of NC State made his historic slam dunk, bringing the total to 54-52 and defeating Houston.

#8-Georgetown 1984-85

Best Teams that Failed to win the NCAA Title
This is the one upset that casts an unfavorable shadow on the star studded career of superstar Georgetown player Patrick Ewing (pictured) and Hall of Fame inductee John Thomson. Georgetown had successfully defeated Houston during the 84’ season and when they had to defend their title against Villanova (a #8 seed) it was anybody’s guess who would win. The Villanova Wildcats put up a good fight, and snatched the title with a record 79% shooting rate and racking up a total of 66 against 64. The defeat left a permanent blemish on Patrick Ewing’s college career.

#7-UNLV 1990-91

Best Teams that Failed to win the NCAA Title The UNLV were defending champions in the 1990 NCAA championship matches and with players like Larry Johnson, Greg Anthony, and Stacey Augmon, it was a clearly a side to be reckoned with. The team’s fail-proof record of a 34-0 towards the semi-finals had ensured them a place among the favorites, and surrendering the championship title was deemed unlikely. The final showdown pitched the UNLV against the Dukes (a team they had wiped earlier), some called it the Dukes’ revenge when they snatched the title from the UNLV with a score of 79-77. Whatever the reason, UNLV’s defeat remains a highly cited upset in NCAA circles.

#6-Michigan 1992

Best Teams that Failed to win the NCAA TitleNext on Best Teams that Failed to win the NCAA Title, Informally dubbed “the Fab Five”, Michigan’s star player was Chris Webber during the 1992 NCAA title games, the team put up a good show for the nation when they qualified for the NCAA against all odds, and gave a commendable performance against every competing team. But a combination of defeats to the UNC and Tar Heels during the latter part of the tournament and Webber’s allegations for racketeering and match fixing were enough to force Michigan to bow out of the season. The “time out” scene is probably the most memorable event in their match against the Tar Heels.

#5-Kansas 1996-97

Best Teams that Failed to win the NCAA Title Next on Best Teams that Failed to win the NCAA Title, Kansas City was the business during the 1997 NCAA championship, having lost only one match during the regular season and maintaining one of the strongest lineups throughout. The team had such legends as Scott Pollard, Raef LaFrentz and Jacque Vaughn during this time and few doubted their imminent victory at the NCAA. But it was a series of upsets that caused the team to lose to the Wildcats with an 85-82 defeat in the championship final. The victors became the first team to defeat three #1 teams in the tournament.

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