6. Hansie Cronje Match fixing in  2000

Biggest Sports Scandals in Sports History

Match Fixing Scandal by South African cricket players during tour to India the led by Hansie Cronje which consider as the Next on Biggest Sports Scandals in cricket history.

On 7 April 2000, Delhi police revealed they had a recording of a conversation between Cronje and Sanjay Chawla, a representative of an Indian betting syndicate, over match-fixing allegations. Three other players, Herschelle Gibbs, Nicky Boje, and Pieter Strydom, were also implicated.

On 15 June 2000, Cronje released a statement that revealed all his contact with bookmakers. In 1996 during the third Test in Kanpur, he was introduced to Mukesh Gupta by Mohammad Azharuddin. Gupta gave Cronje $30,000 to persuade the South Africans to lose wickets on the last day to lose the match. South Africa were 127/5 chasing 460, Cronje was already out and spoke to no other players. “I had received money for doing nothing.” During the return tour, Cronje received $50,000 from Gupta for team information.

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