Christiano Ronaldo one of the most known and loved sports person of the world is known for his looks and his gameplay. He has played football for various famous clubs that includes Manchester United. Currently he is the soul and spirit of Real Madrid making him the most costly player of all time. The Portuguese International was born on 5th February 1985 which means he has turned 30 three days back. He was wished by his fans world wide and his twitter account was full of great wishes and some of them are shown below. Let’ see how Canadian TV makes a mistake on Ronaldo’s birthday.

Christiano Ronaldo Birthday[MyAd]

Various Fans wished him in a great way so that their hero feels great on his special day. Recently Ronaldo’s personal life has not been so great since he broke up with his girl friend Irina Shyak the super model who is nowadays seen with the wrestling and Hollywood sensation Dwayne The Rock Johnson. It has greatly disturbed him recently and Ronaldo needs to come out of this shock.

Canadian TV makes a mistake on Ronaldo’s birthday

Ronaldo has rivals in both La Liga and English Premier League in terms of number of goals scored in a season. In case of La Liga the Spanish football league his rival is Barcelona’s ace Lionel Messi and in English Premier League its Sergio Aguero. He got his termed settled with Messi by winning the FIFA Ballon Dior trophy for the second time but he has not got a chance of taking over to the Manchester City’s sensation Sergio Aguero who is among the top goal scorers of the English Premier league on going season. Ronaldo’s frustration was further increased when a Canadian daily morning show in order to wish him birthday showed a picture of Sergio Aguero. That’ how Canadian TV makes a mistake on Ronaldo’s birthday. This has created a great controversy as Ronaldo is a world renowned super star and this error cannot be claimed as a mistake. Most of the people think that this picture was planted just to increase rivalry between these two players and further upset Ronaldo so that his game might get disturbed. The picture of the TV broadcast is shown below.

Canadian TV makes a mistake on Ronaldo's birthday[MyAd]

Surely this does not seems like an error which was done intentionally or by mistake. It seems like it was planted. The show name was Breakfast Television and it is the number one daily morning show of Toronto. The whole football fraternity is waiting for Ronaldo’s reaction onto this and till now we have not seen or heard any reaction given by Christiano Ronaldo. If remains Patient and doesnot react violently it will greatly help him further build his fan following.