Celebrating The Greatest Tour De France Victories

Throughout history, the Tour de France tours have gathered quite a great deal of good stories to tell and victories worth your time. Some of such will be remembered until the end of time, as they should. Here we have a compilation with the best and the greatest victories to be kept on record from the Tour de France along its breathtaking 102 editions.

Celebrating The Greatest Tour De France Victories


Eddy “The Cannibal” Merckx was born in Belgium and had already made a name for himself by the time he entered the Tour de France for the first time; he had been an amateur and professional rider for most of his life, even dropping out from school in the search of being the best cyclist. In 1974, the French sports fans did not want the Belgian Eddy Merckx to match the 5 Tour de France victories the French hero of the time, Jacques Anquetil had already conquered. Merckx had to face more than bad publicity, as he endured even physical aggression from the crowd that was around him. None of this stopped him from winning the Tour de France for the fifth time.

Greg LeMond, was born in California and stands out for being the first non European to win the Tour de France, and for his dramatic finale of course. He was World Champion two times and won the Tour de France three times. LeMond entered the competition for the very first time in 1984 and won the white jersey, but achieved his first complete victory in 1986. He was accidentally shot while hunting in 1987 and could not compete until 1898, where he came back with something that left everyone astounded: He had his bike customised so as to deploy a four support point system from his handlebars at the last minute and returned in 1987 to win his last and final title.

Miguel ”Big Mig” Indurain was born in Pamplona, Spain in 1964, obtained his nickname for his size -1.88 m- and his 80 kilograms of weight. But he is better known in the world and history of cycling for winning the Tour de France at 20 with an advantage of over 2 minutes over his opponent, two minutes is a lot of time in cycling… In 1991, Greg LeMond was considered favourite to win and Indurain was thought to be far too big to be a good climber, to the astonishment of all, LeMond fell behind and Big Mig remained the leader to the end. In the remaining years from 1992 to 1995, Indurain gained the title four times more, making him the creditor of five Tour de France titles.

Lance “Le Boss” Armstrong –how could we not-, was born in Texas on September 1971; he used to be a triathlon athlete at age 16 and then an amateur cyclist until the team from Motorola came along. He gained various titles since he started working with them. Armstrong had a winning streak in the Tour de France from 1999 to 2005, this means seven victories in a row, before they took them away… He was stripped of his valuable titles after being involved in a doping scandal in 2012. Despite all, Lance Armstrong marked a winning record that endures time.

These are just four of the awe-inspiring winners to be registered in the 102 years of the great Tour de France, and we are positive that there are many more are to come; this was the tribute made to four of the best victors in history. Keep close attention to upcoming information related to the amazing Tour de France, in it 102nd edition and throughout history.