Los Blancos bags Champions League Semifinal victory in Real Madrid vs Manchester City home match

Real Madrid faced Manchester City in the UCL semi-final’s second leg at Bernabeu on March 4. The last time the two teams came for a clash in Bernabeu was in the 2012-13 season, and Real had clinched the victory. And, in the first leg this season which took place last week, the two teams played goalless. Naturally, there was a lot of speculation regarding the Real Madrid vs Manchester City match.

Real Madrid vs Manchester City [Highlights]



The match began amidst a wonderful atmosphere. Jese was seen playing through the middle for the home side, with Bale on the right and Ronaldo on the right. During the first few minutes of the Real Madrid vs Manchester City match, there was little to report. Aguero had the chance to face-up to Pepe, but Real centre-back made the challenge. The ball was eventually fed to De Bruyne, but Carvajal was across to close down the space. In the 9th min, City’s Kompany had to be removed, after he hit the deck and stayed there.

Real Madrid vs Manchester City [Gareth Bale’s Goal]



In the 13th min, a chance came in the way of Real as Carvajal delivered onto the head of Ronaldo from a wide position, but the attacker’s effort was too high. City seemed to be struggling. Other than that, the Real Madrid vs Manchester City match continued rather uneventfully until the 20th min, when Carvajal slid a super pass to Bale who found the top corner via a slight deflection, and thus, Real took the lead! Within a couple of minutes, a half chance came for the visitors, but it fell through. This was followed by Isco setting Ronaldo up on the edge of the city box, but the effort was way too high.

Real Madrid vs Manchester City
Cristiano Ronaldo showing his excellent skill

In the 26th min, Sagna chopped Ronaldo to the deck, and Real had a free kick, which Kroos delivered, but Hart managed to stir clear. As the macth reached the 30th min, De Bruyne got booked for a late challenge on Marcelo. A half-chance that came in the way of the away side was blocked by Navas, and in the 36th min, the referee brought the play back as Fernandinho dove into Kroos. Luckily, the Brazilian escaped a yellow card. This was followed by a goal by Ramos for Real, but it got disallowed since he was in the offside. A few attempts, blocks and crossbars later, the first half came to an end, with the scoreboard reading Real Madrid 1-0 Manchester City.

Kun Aguero
Kun Aguero trying to get past Real’s defense

The second half of the Real Madrid vs Manchester City match began, and it was a fast start for the home team. The match continued, and Bale showed some great skills by picking Ronaldo for a wonderful cross, but the Portuguese sent the ball straight to Hart. In the next few minutes, Hart made three saves, one delivered by Modric and the others by Ronaldo. As the match reached the 61st min, Ronaldo fouled Otamendi. A few minutes later, Mangala slipped and presented Ronaldo with a shooting chance, but Clichy was across to make the block, and the ball bounced away from Hart. Bale met a corner from Kroos, but his effort came off the crossbar.

Pepe and Carvajal
Pepe and Carvajal defending the Spanish side

In the 72nd min, Fernando got booked for a late challenge on Modric, and soon, he again got himself involved with Marcelo, after a late challenge. In the 83rd min, Vasquez got booked for a late challenge on Sterling. De Bruyne fired the ball into the side-netting from the resulting free kick. In the next min, Bale got hacked to the ground by Fernandinho, but the referee said no foul.

Real Madrid
Real Madrid celebrating their UCL victory

With just 1 min left of the match, the visitors had a close call, as Aguero unleashed one from distance and the ball kissed the top of the netting as it dropped just over. After the last official minute of the match, during which Navas showed some great goalkeeping, 4 extra minutes were added. During this time, some high energy attacks and counter-attacks flew from either side, and Otamendi got booked for a late challenge on Ronaldo. The home side maintained possession, and Ronaldo had one blocked behind for a corner after James passed up a good chance.

The Real Madrid vs Manchester City match finally came to the end, with the scoreboard reading Real Madrid 1-0 Manchester City. As the winner, Real Madrid will now face Atletico Madrid in the final at the end of the month.