Chris Gayle Net worth 2016 – Exclusive

Chris Gayle Net worth 2016

Chris Gayle is a Jamaican born cricket player that has eventually become a superstar entertainer along with his hard hitting. And owing to which virtue, he’s eventually become a darling of the global audience, along with among the most valuable players of T20 cricket. Chris was also the former ex-captain of West Indies cricket team, and is broadly renowned for his amazing dance steps on the field parties. He’s earned the nick names of ‘Cramps’ perhaps because of his harms, and ‘Mr. Great’, for his serene composure during the nervy crisis minutes of the match. let’s take a look at Chris Gayle Net worth 2016.

Chris Gayle Net worth 2016

Chris Gayle Net worth 2016


Chris Gayle Net worth 2016

Chris Gayle Net worth 2016 has an estimated net worth of $15 million. Gayle is also playing for Jamaica on domestic cricket. Furthermore, he is also representing the Sydney Thunder into the popular Big Bash League. He is also a part of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team which competes in the Indian Premier League. Lastly, he was also representing the Barisal Burners to the Bangladesh Premier League as well, all leading to the improvement of Chris Gayle Net worth 2016. The Jamaican destructive batsman was born on the year 1979, in Kingston, Jamaica.

Chris Gayle Net worth 2016

Chris Gayle

The gigantic 6 feet 4 inches star was named Christopher Henry “Chris” Gayle by his own parents. The destructive left hander started his cricket career at Lucas Cricket Club. The player claims that without this club appearing into his life, he did not know what he would have done for himself really. The club also claims that it is more than just proud to have someone like him as a player who practiced in the institute once. Gayle is one of those extremely lucky folks who made their international debuted earlier than that of their first class debut. He debuted at an early age of 19 for Jamaica for the youth international level games.

Chris Gayle Net worth 2016

Gayle Net worth 2016

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In the past, Gayle has represented various other teams which include the Kolkata Knight Riders, the Worcestershire, and also the Western Warriors, all contributing to Chris Gayle Net worth 2016.

Chris Gayle Net worth 2016

Chris 2016

His test debut was made against Zimbabwe on March 16, 2000. On the other hand though, his last test was against India which took place on November 6, 2013. Meanwhile, his ODI debut occurred on September 11, 1999 against India. His last ODI was played against Pakistan which happened on July 24, 2013. But it never lessened the amount of Chris Gayle Net worth 2016.

Initially Chris Gayle started his career on a more modest note in his small age of 19. But eventually he became explosive, as well as a formidable destroyer of any bowling attack. And so, Chris Gayle reaped the crop like no other modern day cricket players did, by truly being a part of over one cricketing teams around the globe, all polishing Chris Gayle Net worth 2016.

Though Chris plays national cricket for Jamaica, he’s become a really worldwide household name by playing for various other franchises in several tournaments of different nations including India and Australia too, all ensuring the staggering Chris Gayle Net worth 2016. In the Caribbean Premier League itself, he’s become the richest player and is believed to have brought in more than $250,000 in its last season himself, which occurs to be $100,000 more than the second greatest earner of it, all vouching for the great Chris Gayle Net worth 2016.

Chris Gayle Net worth 2016

Chris Gayle Net worth

And as as it’s destined to be, Chris went to become the top run scorer of the IPL, and not only bagged the ‘Orange Cap’, but also became an incredible icon because of his franchisee.

Chris Gayle’s House Chris has a lovely grand house in the hills terrain of Jamaica, also it provides marvelous panoramic view of town situated below.

Chris Gayle Net worth 2016

Gayle Net worth

Owing to his popularity he continues to be eagerly reached by product advertisers to market their brands, and he’s eventually turned to be a routine feature of commercial advertisements of popular brands, finding the way of staggering Chris Gayle Net worth 2016. And put together, the commercial Chris Gayle Net worth 2016 is enormous which is around $15 million.

Chris Gayle Net worth 2016

Chris Gayle Net worth 2016

The great player and the awesome striker of the ball claims some of the most inspiring records to his name till date. He is the player to have hit the maximum number of 150s in the international cricket as of now. He is the first batsman in world cricket who has scored a proud century in all the three formats of the game. Also, being the only player in the history to have scored 300 in tests, 200 in ODI, and 100 in T-20. All these clearly show the power and the might of this incredible batsman.

Chris Gayle Net worth 2016

Net worth 2016

Christopher Henry Gayle was born on September 21, 1979 in Kingston, Jamaica.

Birth Place :  Kingston, Jamaica

Height : 6′ 2″ (1.88 m)

Full Name : Christopher Henry “Chris” Gayle

Nationality : Jamaica

Date of Birth : September 21, 1979

Ethnicity : Jamaican

Weight : 216 lbs (98 kg)

Occupation : Cricketer