Clash of the Titans: Los Blancos Lifts Clasico Trophy After A Thrilling Real Madrid vs Barcelona Fight

Camp Nou saw what can rightly be called the clash of the titans, and soccer giants Barcelona and Real Madrid locked horns for El Clasico. This was the 172nd time that the arch rivals faced each other in Spain’s top flight. But all hearts were beating to see how soccer fans’ favourite rivalry, i.e. Ronaldo vs Messi, would fare in the match, and how they would affect the fate of the Real Madrid vs Barcelona match.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona [Highlights]


The match began, and Barca seemed to be enjoying possession early in the match. Within minutes, Pepe and Busquets clashed in the Real Madrid half, and to say that the challenge from Pepe was huge is somewhat an understatement. He took some time to return to his feet. In the 5th in, Suarez was seen threatening to break clear of the Los Blancos defensive line, and the offside flag was rather kind to the visitors as Suarez looked on. In the next minute, Casemiro bundled Rakitic to the deck, winning Barca a free kick in a wide but dangerous position. But Barcelona’s effort fell through.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona – Cristiano Ronaldo Goal


In the 10th min, an almost unmissable chance came for the home team, as Neymar ran away from Ramos before delivering a low cross into Suarez, but the striker missed the touch, and the chance. Following this, Ramos got booked for dissent.

Amidst the jeers and boos by the supporters of the home team, Real Madrid continued to do the best they could. Pique showed excellent defending, blocking a low cross from Bale before it could reach Ronaldo. In the 18th min of the Real Madrid vs Barcelona match, Carvajal got booked for a late challenge on Iniesta. Messi got a chance to make a free kick, but he just missed the crossbar. In the 20th min, as Rakitic went for a low strike, Navas went down to stop it.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo showing his skills

In the 24th min, Messi managed to escape a couple of challenges, but the referee seemed to think that he got enough on the ball, and while there was a penalty shout from supporters and Enrique, the demand was not met. In the next minute, Ronaldo tested Bravo from a distance, but Chilean made the save. Real kept the call alive, and Bale struck from inside the box, but his effort made no difference to the team.

Suarez and Mascherano from Barcelona got booked in the 27th and 29th minutes respectively, for a late challenge on Pepe, and for bringing Bale to the deck. Real got presented with a free kick, but his effort was of no use. A few minutes later, Messi was seen sending Neymar racing away down the left, but Pepe put a stop to it. Iniesta was seen passing a low goal to Suarez, but again, the effort was of no use. The match continued to be an action-packed one, with players being a little naughty every now and then. The game was on the edge, waiting goal scares every now and then, but at the end of the first half and the 2 additional minutes of the Real Madrid vs Barcelona match, the scoreboard read Barcelona 0-0 Real Madrid.

Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale sprinting through Barcelona defense

The second half began, and the pace picked up so quickly that it seemed like there had been no break at all, as Ramos fived in on Suarez. A few minutes later, Messi’s free kick went a little too high. the match continued to be a nail-biting one, and in the 55th min, Neymar and Suarez’s joint effort led Messi to make a delivery to the net but Navas made a brilliant save. But a min later, Pique thumped a header that went past Navas, straight into the box, thus helping Barca secure its first score of the Real Madrid vs Barcelona match!

CR7 and Rakitic
CR7 and Rakitic in a hard combat

A late challenge on Marcelo led to Rakitic’s booking in the 58th min. in the 63th min, Benzema made good use of the delivery by Kroos that came his way, and sent the ball flying into the Barcelona box, thus scoring the equalizer! In the 69th min, Bale delivered a low strike, only to be saved by Bravo. He Real Madrid vs Barcelona match continued amidst a strangely tense but quiet atmosphere. Both teams played cautiously, with less than 15 min left of the game. Ronaldo continued to fight for his team, and yet again, his strike got blocked by Mascherano.

Karim Benzema
Karim Benzema celebrating his marvelous goal

In the 80th min of the match, Bale headed past Bravo, and Real seemed to take the lead, but the goal got disallowed for a foul on Alba. But, the guests seemed to be too determined to be let down by this sad turn of events. Ronaldo’s next effort rattled the crossbar, and he seemed disappointed. In the 83rd min, Ramos saw the second yellow card for his challenge on Suarez, and had to walk out of the ground. In the 85th min, Ronaldo controlled a high corss by Bale, and fired straight into the home team’s box! Real took the lead in the last few minutes of the match!

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo in a hard chase

Barcelona continued to press forward, but Real continued to show impressive confidence after their much-deserved goal. The whistle was blown at the end of the 90 min, and 2 additional minutes were given, during which Neymar made one last run for the guest’s box, but to no avail. At the end of the match, the scoreboard read Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid. The El Clasico clash of the titans i.e. Real Madrid vs Barcelona saw the guest team walk out with the trophy after defeating Barcelona in their home ground!

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