• Cricket Players With Tattoos

    Tattoos, a form of body modification, are popular amongst a certain group of people. They are made by inserting indelible ink into the skin which then changes the pigment. A huge variety of tattoos are found worldwide, and different tattoos mean different things. Tattoos are widely seen popular amongst sports players, superstars, different race groups and others.


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    But when it comes down to cricketers, having tattoos on their bodies play an integral role in portraying their personalities. For tattoos reflect one’s being, cricketers get these done to feel distinguished among others. Also, to have a tattoo means to have style, a recognition, a revamping! In this article, you’ll get to see the List of Top Cricket Players With Tattoos, what it signifies and what it means to them. So take a tour and enjoy!

    Cricket Players With Tattoos


    Mitchell Johnson

    List of Top Cricket Players With Tattoos

    “Tattoos signify a few things. There’s a Japanese koi, some cherry blossoms that have a meaning of luck,” says Johnson. Mitchell Johnson, an Australian fast bowler infect one of the Fastest Ever Bowler , seems to be a tattoo freak who has his right arm tattooed with Japanese style koi. However, he has a cat, having an unfriendly look, stooped down on his left torso. This gives him a new style, yet one of his own.

    Chris Gayle

    List of Top Cricket Players With Tattoos

    West India devastating batsmen, who is considered to be most dangerous hard hitter in current cricket. Gayle is a real character both on the field and off the field. his celebration style, and fun with team-mats and opponents. Chris Gayle has also Tattoos on his both arms as you can see in picture

    Dale Styne

    List of Top Cricket Players With Tattoos

    One of Greatest Fast Bowler in Cricket history: this South African Pacer is not only Worth watching while bowling, but he has also well designed tattoos on his body.Dale Styne’s arm inked with stylish tattoo, giving him great look.