Cristiano Ronaldo with His Sniping Hot Girls – Video

The Super Star Cristiano Ronaldo with His Sniping Hot Girls

The last days many humors spread in social media about Cristiano Ronaldo relation-ships during dating the beautiful model Irina Shayk.

The Super Star Cristiano Ronaldo with His Sniping Hot Girls

Cristiano admit with what he did when his ex-girlfriend whom has with her a son and their relationship last for five years, the beautiful model wasn’t sure about his cheat but she has a feeling that there is something wrong , so she checked his personal phone where she has been shocked with what she found as texts , but Cristiano didn’t admit till she told him that she has seen his text messages with many girls from different nationalities , at this time he said that it was true and the main named of those girls : the girlfriend of the ex-defender of FC Barcelona “Puyol” and who dates recently “Mario Suarez”, also the ex-girlfriend of Bartra, add to the Argentinian journalist who has Lebanon origins Samira Salomé whom also has a relationship with his partner Karim Benzema and others. Oneof the moments of Cristiano Ronaldo with His Sniping Hot Girls.


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speaking of Cristiano Ronaldo with His Sniping Hot Girls, Add to this list the Mexican reporter “Ines Sainz” also the Brazilian model “Fabiola Aguiar” and the Chilean model of “Playboy” Magazine “Daniella Chavez”, and many unknown girls whom were dating the Real Madrid super star “Cristiano Ronaldo” during his relationship with Irina Shayk.

Irina has said before that many of her friends and relatives told her that he was cheating her but her love to him and confidence made her to ignore what she heard and just continue her adorable relationship but when she faced the truth by seeing everything with evidences she was down and been left with heartbroken because the man that she thought she going to continue her life with and live in peace and happiness break her heart with the worst way ever and which can vanished any woman’s heart and pride in the world with that done.


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Cristiano Ronaldo after long time and long humors and expectations, Ronaldo broke his silence wall and admit what he has done during this five years of dating the beautiful Irina Shayk, but the latter didn’t stopped her life with this cheat by who has named him her love and man, she continued her life and start new page with her new successful movie and currently she is dating the ex-superstar wrestler and recent successful actor “Dwayne Johnson” who is known by “The Rock”. The model and the star met together during filming a movie together and they end by entering in a relationship and broke up with the Portugal player Cristiano Ronaldo, who’s said that he is dating a journalist in Real Madrid TV.


But there is no real evidence about that, but the star Cristiano Ronaldo witnessed a slowdown in his level of playing after the pressure because of the breaking news about his separation with the Russian model Irina, but it doesn’t remain for a long time then quickly come back to his known professional performance breaking not just the non-breakable numbers but he broke his passed numbers letting the others behind him as usual and winning the Pichichi trophy.

The Super star shared the past days a video in which showed him practicing some physical exercises with his little son whom as well does lake his dad and the super star Cristiano Ronaldo saying: “I think I found the perfect training partner!


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And after this he keep just publishing about his work, for example a picture with the ex-Real Madrid coach the Italian Carlo Ancelotti, saying: “Great coach and amazing person. Hope we work together next season.”

But unfortunately he left the staff of Real Madrid , also he shared his news shoes collection and being far of the personal life and relationships, which make the media and the fans asking more and more about what does the Super star Cristiano Ronaldo second step after breaking up with Irina? Whom going to date next? And is it true that he will be single for long time till he gets into a new experience in love?


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All these questions and expectations remains without answers waiting the super star Cristiano Ronaldo answering them by his next move forward.

The super star Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t said anything about Irina just wishing her a good life and happiness and he said that they had good time together but her relation has been reached his end because of her jealousy.

And what was witnessed also that after being separated the beautiful model un-follow the super star Cristiano Ronaldo in twitter but she can’t cut all her relations with him because there is unseparated element which gather the two the rest of their lives which is their Son. These were the moments of Cristiano Ronaldo with His Sniping Hot Girls.