David Moyes claims Manchester United did not do the correct thing  when they made him out before 10 months.
Moyes was axed towards the top of last term once but a season responsible at Old Trafford.

The Scotchman oversaw United’s dismal slide from champions in Alex Ferguson’s final season before retirement to associate ultimate seventh-place end that was the club’s worst of the Premier League history.

Manchester United Let Me Down

David Moyes said "Manchester United Let Me Down"
David Moyes said “Manchester United Let Me Down”

However, former Everton manager Moyes, who was chosen by Alex Ferguson as his successor, maintains United should have had more believe that he would eventually make the team perform well during his six year contract.

Moreover he said,”I got the job and I expected it to be a six-year plan. I signed a six-year contract… disappointed it didn’t go to plan,” Moyes told the BBC on Friday.

“I expected to be given an opportunity to fulfil that and it wasn’t what was expected.

“It was really difficult when I lost the job initially because I didn’t really see it coming, even though I had been losing games.

“I knew that it could be difficult but I joined a club that I felt stood behind their managers, made sure they supported them in difficult times – Sir Alex had difficult times when he first took over.

“I do understand that the landscape has changed a little bit in football but I think that United always stood for the right things and I expected them to do what was right with me.”

Despite the chastening experience at United, Moyes is looking to get back into management when the right job comes along, after turning down approaches to speak with other clubs in recent months.

“I have enjoyed the time off but I have got to wait on the right job and make sure it’s one that I want,” Moyes added.

“I would never have left Everton for anybody but an ambitious football club and I thought Manchester United would have given me that opportunity.

“It didn’t materialise that way so I am hoping that the next club I join gives me the chance to build a team, because I think that is what I am good at.

“I’ve had several people contact me about jobs. None of them have turned round and said ‘here is a job it’s yours’.

“But people have asked me if I have had any interest in jobs. The clubs that have come calling, I just felt that they weren’t right.”