English Premier League Fixtures Today

English Premier League Fixtures Today consists of today’s match schedule along with the full details of next 5 matches. We will also update regularly about which channel is showing today’s matches live.

English Premier League has always been a pivotal source of entertainment in football fanatics lives. The culmination of individual skills and equally important teamwork has enriched this prestigious tournament with the collage of great football moments. As the clubs brush off their shoes and get ready for the upcoming season, we are nothing but enthralled with expectations and hopes. In this following segment, we are going to take a look at the Premier League fixtures today as well as some of the upcoming matches as well. Read on to know more about English Premier League fixtures today, the teams,  their stats and previous results.

English Premier League fixtures today



Take a look at the previous outings of the clubs who are about to face each other once again in August 2017. May these English Premier League fixtures today have the best results yet.

11th August 2017 [Friday]

Arsenal vs. Leicester City [7.45pm]

Arsenal v Leicester City go live on Friday, 11 August 2017

Arsenal v Leicester City

Last season saw Arsenal achieving quite a dominating hold over 2015-16 season’s Premier League Champion Leicester City. The two matches that they played against each other had Arsenal emerging as the winner. On 26th September last season, Leicester City had to suffer a 5-2 thrashing by Arsenal. Even though the next match, which was held on 14th February…witnessed Leicester putting up a better show, they lost the match 2-1 to Arsenal nevertheless. We can certainly hope that Leicester will have a better time this season.

Overall stats:

Arsenal (63)   Leicester City (63)
Results Total %   Results Total %
Arsenal 38 23.94 Leicester City 21 13.23
Leicester City 6 3.78 Arsenal 18 11.34
Draws 19 11.97 Draws 24 15.12
Goals Total Av.pg Goals Total Av.pg
Arsenal 146 2.32 Leicester City 100 1.59
Leicester City 60 0.95 Arsenal 99 1.57

Overall Records:

Highest Aggregate 9 Leicester City 2 – 7 Arsenal 1930/1931
Highest Arsenal score: 8 Arsenal 8 – 0 Leicester City 1934/1935
Highest Leicester City score: 4 Leicester City 4 – 4 Arsenal 1961/1962

12th August 2017 [Saturday]

Watford vs. Liverpool [12.30pm]

Watford v Liverpool go live on Saturday, 12 August 2017

Watford v Liverpool

The 25th edition of EPL brought to us an amazing pair of matches that had enough drama to be enjoyed as Liverpool took on Watford. The first match (2th December) never ran out of surprises as Watford overwhelmed the mightier Liverpool with an unanticipated thrilling result of 3-0. Undoubtedly on the next encounter on 8th May, Liverpool was out of blood, which they won with a satisfying scorecard of 2-0. The viewers can certainly hope that there are more surprises to come this season.

Overall stats:

Watford (11)   Liverpool (9)
Results Total %   Results Total %
Watford 3 0.33 Liverpool 8 0.72
Liverpool 6 0.66 Watford 1 0.09
Draws 2 0.22 Draws 0 0
Goals Total Av.pg Goals Total Av.pg
Watford 13 1.18 Liverpool 21 2.33
Liverpool 19 1.73 Watford 6 0.67

Overall Records:

Highest Aggregate 5 Watford 1 – 4 Liverpool 1987/1988
Highest Watford score: 4 Liverpool 4 – 3 Watford 1984/1985
Highest Liverpool score: 4 Liverpool 4 – 1 Watford 1987/1988

Chelsea vs. Burnley [12.30pm] 

Chelsea v Burnley are going to play on Saturday, 12 August 2017

Chelsea v Burnley

Last year’s Premier League winner, Chelsea, has the stats in their favour so far as in the previous two outings against Burnley record one win followed by another draw. The first match saw Chelsea’s victory with a score of 3-0. On 12th Feb, Burnley and Chelsea ended up with a Draw Match and the scoreboard showed 1-1. Speaking of English Premier League fixtures today, Chelsea being the winner Last year obviously has the upper hand in the following season, but Burnley could be presenting us with a few more goals as well.

Overall stats:

Chelsea (43)   Burnley (41)
Results Total %   Results Total %
Chelsea 21 9.03 Burnley 21 8.61
Burnley 15 6.45 Chelsea 8 3.28
Draws 7 3.01 Draws 12 5.16
Goals Total Av.pg Goals Total Av.pg
Chelsea 69 1.60 Burnley 81 1.98
Burnley 52 1.21 Chelsea 40 0.98

Overall Records:

Highest Aggregate 8 Chelsea 2 – 6 Burnley 1960/1961
Highest Chelsea score: 6 Chelsea 6 – 1 Burnley 1957/1958
Highest Burnley score: 6 Burnley 6 – 2 Chelsea 1960/1961

Crystal Palace vs. Huddersfield Town [12.30pm]

Crystal Palace v Huddersfield Town Are ready to play on Saturday, 12 August 2017

Crystal Palace v Huddersfield Town

Next, on English Premier League fixtures today is Crystal Palace and  Huddersfield Town both are known to be playing with enough commitment to leave the ground with a winning gesture at the end of a match. So it is little surprise that we can expect some thrilling and exciting moments popping up from their encounters in the upcoming season.

Overall stats:

Crystal Palace (20)   Huddersfield Town (19)
Results Total %   Results Total %
Crystal Palace 6 1.2 Huddersfield Town 7 1.33
Huddersfield Town 3 0.6 Crystal Palace 6 1.14
Draws 11 2.2 Draws 6 1.2
Goals Total Av.pg Goals Total Av.pg
Crystal Palace 25 1.25 Huddersfield Town 28 1.47
Huddersfield Town 19 0.95 Crystal Palace 17 0.89

Overall Records:

Highest Aggregate 5 Crystal Palace 2 – 3 Huddersfield Town 1985/1986
Highest Crystal Palace score: 7 Huddersfield Town 7 – 1 Crystal Palace 1999/2000
Highest Huddersfield Town score: 3 Huddersfield Town 3 – 2 Crystal Palace 1985/1986

Everton vs. Stoke City [12.30pm]

Everton v Stoke City are coming face to face on Saturday, 12 August 2017

Everton v Stoke City

The first match between Everton and Stoke City was an adrenaline charged knock with countless ups and downs which led to a shocking 4-3 result in favour of Stoke City. Everton had a lot to answer for, and they lived up to their fame as the next encounter on 6th February witnessed Everton thrashing Stoke City 3-0. This season should be no less of drama when both the teams come face to face on 12th August.

Overall stats:

Everton (61)   Stoke City (61)
Results Total %   Results Total %
Everton 39 23.79 Stoke City 21 12.81
Stoke City 8 4.88 Everton 19 11.59
Draws 14 8.54 Draws 21 12.81
Goals Total Av.pg Goals Total Av.pg
Everton 134 2.20 Stoke City 80 1.31
Stoke City 49 0.80 Everton 73 1.20

Overall Records:

Highest Aggregate 6 Stoke City 2 – 4 Everton 1953/1954
Highest Everton score: 8 Everton 8 – 0 Stoke City 1889/1890
Highest Stoke City score: 4 Stoke City 4 – 3 Everton 2015/2016

Southampton vs. Swansea City [12.30pm]

Southampton v Swansea City are one of the fixtures playing on Saturday, 12 August 2017

Southampton v Swansea City

Southampton got the better of Swansea city in both matches previous season. In the first match held on 26th September. Southampton enjoyed a convincing 3-1 win and further went on to retain their lead with a 1-0 result on 13th of February.  Swansea City has to up their game if they hope for a better result for English Premier League fixtures today.

Overall stats:

Southampton (33)   Swansea City (33)
Results Total %   Results Total %
Southampton 22 7.26 Swansea City 14 4.62
Swansea City 5 1.65 Southampton 7 2.31
Draws 6 1.98 Draws 12 3.96
Goals Total Av.pg Goals Total Av.pg
Southampton 77 2.33 Swansea City 57 1.73
Swansea City 32 0.97 Southampton 35 1.06

Overall Records:

Highest Aggregate 5 Southampton 1 – 4 Swansea City 1952/1953
Highest Southampton score: 6 Swansea City 6 – 0 Southampton 1963/1964
Highest Swansea City score: 4 Swansea City 4 – 1 Southampton 1952/1953

West Bromwich Albion vs. AFC Bournemouth [12.30pm]

West Bromwich Albion v AFC Bournemouth are ready for Saturday, 12 August 2017

West Bromwich Albion v AFC Bournemouth

Another interesting English Premier League fixtures today is among West Bromwich Albion and AFC Bournemouth, both the teams played extremely well in the last season, however, the result was in favour of Bournemouth. In the first match which was held on 19th December, West Brom faced a defeat with a score of 1-2. The second match, however, saw both the teams managing a decent 1-1 score. In the following season, both of the clubs will want to improve their goal tally.

Overall stats:

West Bromwich Albion (7)   AFC Bournemouth (10)
Results Total %   Results Total %
West Bromwich Albion 4 0.28 AFC Bournemouth 6 0.6
AFC Bournemouth 0 0 West Bromwich Albion 2 0.2
Draws 3 0.21 Draws 2 0.14
Goals Total Av.pg Goals Total Av.pg
West Bromwich Albion 13 1.86 AFC Bournemouth 14 1.40
AFC Bournemouth 5 0.71 West Bromwich Albion 12 1.20

Overall Records:

Highest Aggregate 5 AFC Bournemouth 1 – 4 West Bromwich Albion 2011/2012
Highest West Bromwich Albion score: 4 West Bromwich Albion 4 – 0 AFC Bournemouth 1991/1992
Highest AFC Bournemouth score: 2 AFC Bournemouth 2 – 2 West Bromwich Albion 1989/1990

Brighton vs. Manchester City [5.30pm]

Brighton v Manchester City is going to fight in the field on Saturday, 12 August 2017

Brighton v Manchester City

One of the English Premier League fixtures today is among Brighton and Man City. In spite of their lack of previous happenstances against each other, Manchester City will have to measure Brighton if they want to win it in a convincing manner. They certainly have a more resonating and larger fanbase, so Brighton will have to give it their best shot to cause a ripple and defeat such a mighty opponent to create a Premier League history.

Overall stats:

Brighton & Hove Albion (8)   Manchester City (7)
Results Total %   Results Total %
Brighton & Hove Albion 3 0.24 Manchester City 5 0.35
Manchester City 2 0.16 Brighton & Hove Albion 0 0
Draws 3 0.24 Draws 2 0.16
Goals Total Av.pg Goals Total Av.pg
Brighton & Hove Albion 14 1.75 Manchester City 17 2.43
Manchester City 9 1.13 Brighton & Hove Albion 5 0.71

Overall Records:

Highest Aggregate 4 Brighton & Hove Albion 2 – 2 Manchester City 2008/2009
Highest Brighton & Hove Albion score: 4 Brighton & Hove Albion 4 – 1 Manchester City 1979/1980
Highest Manchester City score: 2 Manchester City 2 – 1 Brighton & Hove Albion 1980/1981

Upcoming Matches of Premier League:

Saturday 12 August 2017
Arsenal 0:15 Leicester Emirates Stadium, London
Watford 17:00 Liverpool Vicarage Road, Watford
Chelsea 19:30 Burnley Stamford Bridge, London
Crystal Palace 19:30 Huddersfield Selhurst Park, London
Everton 19:30 Stoke Goodison Park, Liverpool
Southampton 19:30 Swansea St. Mary’s Stadium, Southampton
West Brom 19:30 Bournemouth The Hawthorns, West Bromwich
 Brighton 22:00 Man City Amex Stadium, Falmer


Sunday 13 August 2017
Newcastle 18:00 Spurs St. James’ Park, Newcastle


Man Utd   20:30 West Ham Old Trafford, Manchester

While La Liga boasts of a better number of superstars in their bag, the collection of the EPL teams or clubs and their famous rivalry make the tournament as it is. Each season the spectators gather in flocks to witness the masterpiece, which is the league. This year surely would not be any different except only more amount of drama and action packed in.

Broadcasting channels of UK for the English Premier League fixtures today

Date Fixture Time (UK) UK TV
August 11 Arsenal vs Leicester City 19:45 Sky Sports
August 12 Watford vs Liverpool 12:30 Sky Sports
August 12 Brighton vs Manchester City 17:30 BT Sport
August 13 Newcastle vs Tottenham 13:30 Sky Sports
August 13 Manchester United vs West Ham 16:00 Sky Sports
August 19 Swansea vs Manchester United 12:30 Sky Sports
August 19 Stoke vs Arsenal 17:30 BT Sport
August 20 Huddersfield vs Newcastle 13:30 Sky Sports
August 20 Tottenham vs Chelsea 16:00 Sky Sports
August 21 Manchester City vs Everton 20:00 Sky Sports
August 26 Bournemouth vs Manchester City 12:30 Sky Sports
August 26 Manchester United vs Leicester 17:30 BT Sport
August 27 West Brom vs Stoke 13:30 Sky Sports
August 27 Liverpool vs Arsenal 16:00 Sky Sports
September 9 Manchester City vs Liverpool 12:30 Sky Sports
September 9 Stoke vs Manchester United 17:30 BT Sport
September 10 Burnley vs Crystal Palace 13:30 Sky Sports
September 10 Swansea vs Newcastle 16:00 Sky Sports
September 11 West Ham vs Huddersfield 20:00 Sky Sports
September 15 Bournemouth vs Brighton 20:00 Sky Sports
September 16 Crystal Palace vs Southampton 12:30 Sky Sports
September 16 Tottenham vs Swansea 17:30 BT Sport
September 17 Chelsea vs Arsenal 13:30 Sky Sports
September 17 Manchester United vs Everton 16:00 Sky Sports
September 23 West Ham vs Tottenham 12:30 Sky Sports
September 23 Leicester vs Liverpool 17:30 BT Sport
September 24 Brighton vs Newcastle 16:00 Sky Sports
September 25 Arsenal vs West Brom 20:00 Sky Sports
September 30 Huddersfield vs Tottenham 12:30 Sky Sports
September 30 Chelsea vs Manchester City 17:30 BT Sport
October 1 Arsenal vs Brighton 12:00 BT Sport
October 1 Everton vs Burnley 14:15 Sky Sports
October 1 Newcastle vs Liverpool 16:30 Sky Sports

These are English Premier League fixtures today, hopefully, you liked reading it. If you have any questions, suggestions, etc, please leave them down in the comments section below. The updates of the current matches, scores, results and stats will be updated as the scores are revealed. Be sure to keep an eye on this space if you want to remain updated.