Exclusive: Cristiano Ronaldo Destroying Barcelona In El Clasico [2009-2015]

Cristiano Ronaldo Destroying Barcelona In El Clasico: One Of The Major Attractions For Fans, Followers And Critics

Cristiano Ronaldo has been one of the most prized players of Real Madrid since he joined the club in 2009. Throughout his club career with the Spanish team, he has succeeded in portraying brilliant games as a forward, as he has taken down the biggest of opponents. One of the major rivals of Real Madrid is Barcelona, and against that team, Ronaldo has done what can only be described as slaying the opponent team’s players. Yes, time and again, Real fans’ favourite player has made the followers happy, with Ronaldo destroying Barcelona in El Clasico.

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El Clasico, a match between fierce rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona, is one of the most watched soccer matches in the world. The rivalry between the two teams dates back to the 30s, and Ronaldo, in recent times, has added a new dimension to. Fans of both teams, sports critics and soccer followers love to draw comparisons between Real Madrid’s Ronaldo, and Barca star Lionel Messi.

Ronaldo Destroying Barcelona In El Clasico

Cristiano Ronaldo Destroying Barcelona In El Clasico

While these debates might end in bloodshed and no conclusion, the fact is that we have seen Cristiano Ronaldo destroying Barcelona in El Clasico several times. Starting from his first contribution to Real’s victory against Barcelona in November 2009, till the last season of El Clasico in 2004, Ronaldo has faced Barcelona at least twice every season, and done some incredible things with the ball.

Ronaldo Destroying Barcelona FC In El Clasico

Cristiano Ronaldo Destroying Barcelona FC In El Clasico

Ronaldo might be criticised for his off-the-field activities (though many drool over his bad-boy image), but there is no one to question his prowess on the field. His exceptional skills with the ball has often put Barcelona in trouble, as he has attacked the opponents box with full vigour. This has resulted in some incredible goals. Some of these goals, he has netted himself, and mane of the rest were scored because of his support. He is a team player through and through and one of the best soccer players of today, the result being Ronaldo destroying Barcelona, one of the top clubs in the world, and bringing the team down to their knees.