10 Fantastic Sports Themed Television Shows To Watch

We all love sports but does it ever occur to you that out of the hundreds of quality television shows made each year, none are sports-centric? Sports sell, right? But perhaps not sports shows. Whatever the reason may be no worries. There are a couple of sports shows for you to watch.

Sports themed television shows

Sports television shows can be just as addictive as any other show out there. In this terrible state of sports-based fictional television shows, a few forgotten gems still exist. Here are 10 fantastic sports themed television shows to watch.

10 Fantastic Sports Themed Television Shows To Watch

10. Arliss (1996-2002)

Sports themed television shows

Arliss is a sitcom about a sports agent and his group of associates. Nearly in every episode a notable personal, ranging from athletes, Coaches, and even broadcasters were brought on the show. Although the Entertainment Weekly believed that Arliss was one of the worst shows on television, the show successfully ran for seven seasons.

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9. The Game (2006-2015)

Sports themed television shows

Speakingof Sports themed television shows, It’s a comedy-drama television series that ran for nine seasons. The Game was actually a spinoff of the long-running  sitcom – Girlfriends of the UPN/CW network. After Girlfriends’ huge success The Game focuses on a young woman’s decision of putting her career on hold so that she can help her boyfriend in his rising athletic career. Though often regarded as a sport show, later the series becomes more about the human relations rather the sport itself. The show has seen many hurdles. After about four season the show was unable to struck a deal and got cancelled in 2009. However later some new episodes were developed and the fourth season was aired in 2011 to a record breaking 7.7 million viewers. The final season concluded in August 2015.

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8. My Boys (2006-10)

My Boys

My Boys is another television sitcom that revolves around a woman who lives in Chicago and is a sports columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times. The show tells us how she deals with all the boys in her life, including her father, her brother, sportswriters of rival publication, ex-boyfriend etc. Almost the entire series was filmed in Los Angeles.

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