Top 5 FIFA World Cup 2014 Kits

FIFA World Cup 2014 Kits

It’s, certainly, not only about the game, but a lot more than that. The same goes for soccer commonly known as football. It is one such sport that is loved by people across the globe. The passion, the thrill this game brings in one being is magical. With the hype found everywhere regarding football world cup 2014, teams are all ready to enter the fields. With every one trying to present the best of themselves at the tournament, the teams are lining up in their best football kits.


These kits are new yet very appealing that will boost the morale of the players. Here, we bring to you an article that will throw light upon the Top 5 FIFA World Cup 2014 Kits. So scroll down and have fun browsing!!

Top 5 FIFA World Cup 2014 Kits



Top 5 FIFA World Cup 2014 Kits

Croatia has already got one of the most recognizable yet classy kits in the football world. They, sticking to their old kit, are confident enough to enter the tournament. Their stylish kit is presented by Bayern and is loved by many of its supporters. It gets the rank number 5 on our list of the best kits for the FIFA 2014 world cup.


Top 5 FIFA World Cup 2014 Kits

Netherlands known as Oranje, will be wearing traditional orange shirts. The difference you’ll find will be in the unique printing style of for the surnames. With their traditional kit, they are going to enter the FIFA World Cup 2014. The Oranje are all set to knock out its competitors, and their orange shirts will surely bedazzle many minds. Netherlands, thereby, stands at number 4 on our list of the best kits for FIFA world cup 2014.

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