HD Highlights & Review: First Upset For Real In The Current La Liga Season, As Sevilla Walks Away With Victory In The Real Madrid Vs Sevilla Match

First Upset For Real In The Current La Liga Season, As Sevilla Walks Away With Victory In The Real Madrid Vs Sevilla Match

Real Madrid came face to face with Sevilla at Estadio Ramon, giving their fans yet another match of the La Liga. Before the match, Sevilla had won three out of five matches, but was still in the bottom half of the table due to its 2-1 defeat at Villarreal. Real had fallen behind Barcelona after the latter’s Villarreal victory.




The Real Madrid vs Sevilla match began, and only 4 min into the game, Krychowiak collected a pass from the goal-keeper, having nervy moment. But, the pressure that Ronaldo created, he managed to clear. As Konoplyanka brought Isco to the deck, the visitors forced a free kick in a good position. Bale whipped the set piece towards the near post, but it was cleared. In the next minute, Nacho was booked for a late challenge on Vitolo.



By the time 7 min had passed, there were already some tasty challenges in the exchanges, and it seemed that a busy game was about to follow, for the referee. Before 10 min had passed of the game, Real had already started taking possession of the ball, and the first real chance of the Real Madrid vs Sevilla match came to them in the 10th min, as Pepe picked Ronaldo’s run with a super pass. But his pass got blocked behind for a corner. This was followed by another stunning strike, this time by Nacho, but the Real Madrid defender’s effort hit the inside of the post and bounced off.

Gareth Bale

Real Madrid Vs Sevilla: Marvelous Sprint By Bale

116 min into the game, and Krychowiak dove into a tackle with Nacho, bringing a free kick to Real. As Modric delivered to the far post, Rico punched it clear for another set piece. Ronaldo then struck one on the bounce outside the Sevilla box, but Rami’s frame was in the way. As the hosts broke down the other end, Immobile could not meet a long pass from Banega.

Banega’s corner into Ronaldo got cleared, and Immobile remained a willing runner, like from the beginning, but Sevilla continued to suffer from a lack of possession. In the 22nd min, the first goal of the match was scored, as Ramos struck a remarkable over-head kick from inside the Sevilla box for Real Madrid. However, he also seemed to have hurt himself.

Gareth Bale

Real Madrid Vs Sevilla : Frustrated Gareth Bale

The Real Madrid vs Sevilla match continued, an in the 29th min, Sevilla came close to an unlikely leveller. But Pepe sent the ball away for a corner. In 5 min after the first half an hour of the match had been played, two of Sevilla’s efforts have been saved, but in the 36th min, their efforts paid off as Immobile avenged the first goal! Despite not being in the game completely, Sevilla managed to level with the opponents. But in the 37th min, Immobile got booked for taking his shirt off.

The match continued, and until the end of the first half, nothing significant happened, except for a chance that came and went for the home team, while Modric showed some great defending. After an additional 1 min, the Real Madrid vs Sevilla match’s half time was called, with a 1-1 score.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid Vs Sevilla : A Bad For Cristiano Ronaldo

The second half soon began, and Real seemed to be taking control from the word go, with Modric and Kroos enjoying touches in the middle of the park. 5 min into the second half, and Banega made a goal-bound strike, but it got blocked as Sevilla created problems inside the Real box. A half chance come for Bale, but his effort went straight for Rico.

Real’s first chance in the second half came in the 53rd min, as Ronaldo set Kroos up outside the box, but his low strike moved way off the post. But Konoplyanka and Immobile started to show the same flair as in the first half. With a little less than half an hour left the Real Madrid vs Sevilla match, what seemed to be the season’s first big upset for Real Madrid happened, as Sevilla scored their second goal of the match, with Banega making the strike, bringing the score to Sevilla 2-1 Real Madrid.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid Vs Sevilla : Depressed Real Madrid After The Match

Sevilla seemed to be infused with a new level of confidence at this point of the game. A half chance came for Ronaldo, and a chance for James, but none of it paid off. Bale missed a target in the 71st min, and in the 74th in, Rico made a superb save. But it seemed that today was not Real’s day, as Llorente scored the third goal for Sevilla. Poor defence by the visitors was largely to blame for it. As the match went on, Sevilla continued to threaten. In just 30 min of domination throughout the match, Savilla had turned the game in their favour.


Real Madrid Vs Sevilla : Ronaldo After The Match

Ronaldo was once again denied outside the box, thus summing up his night. Bale, too, continued to struggle. At the end of 90 min of the game, a further 4 min were added. In the 3rd additional min, Real managed to make one final change to the scoreboard, as James scored a goal for the team! But, this was evidently the last goal of the match, as the referee soon declared the closing of the game. At the end of the Real Madrid vs Sevilla La Liga match, the score card read Sevilla 3-2 Real Madrid. If Real had won, they would have clinched the top position with 3 points. But, they continued to be in the second place, while Sevilla moved up to the first half of the table after their incredible win.