Forbes Highest Paid Athletes 2016

Sports are the most followed culture in the world after movies. It gets more media coverage than actual worldwide news. It doesn’t matter whether it swimming or soccer, each and every sport is rewarding in many ways .It takes tremendous amount of passion and hard work to make a good athlete out of a normal person. A good athlete must have certain qualities such as discipline, perseverance, passion and the will to move forward regardless of multiple defeats.

Athletes work really hard to endure in their sports without any additional medication. It is very difficult to maintain the consistency in a game / session. And this is why the job they do is quite difficult. And this is why they are paid amazingly well. Most of the athletes are millionaires, while others are still following the dream. Here are Top 10 Forbes Highest Paid Athletes 2016.

 Forbes Highest Paid Athletes 2016

10. Kobe Bryant:

Forbes Highest Paid Athletes 2016
kobe bryant

He is the only player in this list who has equal monetary amount from endorsements and same amount from winnings. At number 10 of Forbes Highest Paid Athletes 2016, we have Kobe Bryant. Even though he is retired, Forbes has identified him as one of the top 10 highest paid athletes which also mean that he is one of the highest paid basketball players there is.

In his playing career, Standing at 6 feet, 6 inches tall and weighing 205 pounds, Bryant primarily plays as a guard. He is often termed as one of the most dangerous scorers in the game.

9. Jordan Spieth:

Forbes Highest Paid Athletes 2016
Jordan Spieth

At number 9 of Forbes Highest Paid Athletes 2016, we have Jordan Spieth. His golf skills have fetched him this amazing salary of 20 million dollars which add up with the endorsements too. The endorsement amount for these players is 32 million dollars. His pay is 52.8 million dollars.

8. Phil Mickelson:

Forbes Highest Paid Athletes 2016
Phil Mickelson

With a pay of almost 53 million dollars, pro golfer Phil Michelson is at number 8 of Forbes Highest Paid Athletes 2016. His winnings are mere 2.9 million dollars but his endorsements are pretty huge, adding up to 50 million dollars! Without an active fan base and popularity… it is not possible to have such a huge pay and so he does.

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