Sometimes, perseverance has a price.  And a smell. Sport is about strength, grit, determination, success…and definitely humor. Laughing at iconic sports moments, and some that are less iconic and just cry-till-you-drop funny, is just a part of the game. Here are the 37 funniest sports pictures.

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Funniest Sports Pictures Of All Time

37 – Blind Allegiance

Funniest Sports Pictures Of All TimeLook at how each fan’s arm is spread out in exactly the same way, trying to touch Jason Clark, almost succeeding. You would think he was God and just came down to earth.

36 – Swing and a Miss

Funniest Sports Pictures Of All TimeIt’s only funny when it’s not happening to you.

35 – Soccer Wall

Funniest Sports Pictures Of All TimeWhen I was young, I watched this game and assumed that all the French players waited for the impact will steely bravery. Nice to know that this is what the soccer wall really looks like.

34 – Joining Forces

Funniest Sports Pictures Of All Time

It’s always great to have good chemistry. Joseph and Scoop Jardine are so close they look like Siamese twins.

33 – Ping Pong Hustle

Funniest Sports Pictures Of All TimeIf you thought those rallies in the Andy Murray vs. Novak Djokovic U.S. Open tennis final were crazy, just look at what these guys are doing. They really are living up to the name “table tennis.”

32 – Moment of Truth

Funniest Sports Pictures Of All Time

It’s just about the moment of impact. But what is that expression? Is it fear? Excitement?  My bet is constipation.

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