Funny Football Moments 2016

Football can be a cruel game. Fans all around the world support their respective clubs or national team with blind faith. When the team wins, the fans are overwhelmed with joy but if the team looses, they curse their own team, players, coach. But let us  take a look at the lighter side of Football. Lets take a look at the Funny Football Moments 2016.

Funny Football Moments 2016

10. The Dancing Duo:

Funny Football Moments 2016

We start our list of Funny Football Moments 2016 with this picture. In the above picture we can see that the players instead of going for the ball, appears to dance. They find it more interesting to pose as dancers and also as football players in the ground.  Tired of the game, they relax themselves a bit and opt for dancing out!

9. A cranky position:

Funny Football Moments 2016
cranky position

The above picture in our list of Funny Football Moments 2016 shows how awkward two persons can get while playing the game. In an intense tackle by the defender on the winger, the two end up on the ground in such a cranky position. Wonder the position of the third guy as he is going to face a similar fall a second later!

8. The mighty kick:

Funny Football Moments 2016
mighty kick

No one would like to be in a position that Gattuso presently is in now. In a friendly between Italy and France, Zidane kicked Gattuso in his balls during a tackle! Although they both were after the football but ended up in this freakish position which might be hurting. Well don’t dwell about the aftermath but it is clear from Gattuso’s expression that he did not enjoy it a lot!

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