German Team Clinches Win In Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg match after close fight

Real Madrid came face to face with Wolfsburg at the quarter-final of the Champions League. This was Wolfsburg’s first ever spot in the knockout stage of the competition. Real Madrid, on the other hand, were running for their 11th European Cup. Obviously, the Los Blancos were in an advantageous position for the Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg match.

Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg [Highlights]

The match began, and as it was expected, Real Madrid took control of the possession almost immediately. Within the first couple of minutes, Madrid superstar Cristiano took charge, and netted the ball! However, much to the dismay of the fans, the goal was disallowed. However, Real was not ready to give up. The big question was, if they would be able to keep the tempo up throughout the match.

Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg [All Goals]

A half chance came for Real in the the 6th min, but it fell through, and the match continued. In the 10th min, Bale raced down the left, and delivered a low cross to Ronaldo, but, Benaglio was on hand to claim under oressure from the Portuguese. By the 13th min, the home side picked up pace, with Daxler picking out the head of Henrique with a super cross, but the delivery went to Navas. The next minute, another great save was seen, this time in the opponent’s box, as Benagio stopped n amazing delivery by Benzema.

Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale showing his frustration

In the 17th min of the Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg match, Casemiro brought Schurrle to the ground, and a penalty was awarded in favour of Wolfsburg. Rodrigues sent his delivery soaring past Navas, and Wolfsburg thus took the lead. In the 19th min, Vierinha got booked for the late challenge on Marcelo. After dominating for the first phase of the match, Real Madrid suddenly became more vulnerable. In the 25th min of the Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg match, Arnold turned a low pass into another goal for Wolfsburg! A couple of minutes later, Navas was seen making another great save as Aschurrle tried to make a stunning affort.

Casemiro trying to defend Wolfsburg

The Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg match continued, and the two teams locked horn, with Naldo and Draxler showing their skills from the Wolfsburg side, while Kroos and Ronaldo did their best form the other side. The first 45 min of the match came to an end, and at the end of the additional 1 min, the scoreboard read Wolfsburg 2-0 Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo in a hard chase against Wolfsburg

The second half of the Real madrid vs Wolfsburg match began, and within 5 min, Marcelo found a place in the opponent’s box, but his charge was blocked. Two half chances for Real came, but both fell through. In the 53rd min, Belangio got booked for wasting time. Draxler set a dangerous cross into the real box in the 55th min, but it did not turn into a goal. Gustavo got booked in the 60th min for a late challenge on Ronaldo. While Ronaldo was seen making some great moves outside the Wolfsburg box, and Ramos showed some great defence.

Real Madrid
Real Madrid team photo

With about 20 min left till the end of the match, a massive chance came in the way of the home side, but Henrique failed to take advantage of it. Within a minute, Bale and Arnold got booked after a coming-together by the two. In the 73rd min, Ronaldo missed another great chance. The two teams continued to frequent the opponent box, but defence was strong, too. After some severe fights, the 90 minutes of the Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg match were finally over, and even in the last minute, the hosts did not stop trying, while Navas still managed to keep out Kruse. 5 extra minutes were added, during which, too, the two teams gave each other good competition, and at the end of it, the scoreboard read Wolfsburg 2-0 Real Madrid. Real Madrid thus gave the German team a good fight in their home ground, but Wolfsburg walked out with the victory.

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