10 Greatest Sports Frauds

The world of sports is worshiped by many. Consequently, sports stars are often treated like gods. But, when gods fall, they go to hell. And, we all know that both fraudulence and sports are as old as the human nature.

Whatever the reason be – pressure to win, lust for money, cheating in sports are not forgiven. Discovery of fraudulence in sports have potentially destroyed many careers. Take a look at the 100 Greatest Sports Frauds.

10 Greatest Sports Frauds

10. Danny Almonte

Too old to play

Greatest Sports Frauds

At number 10 position of the 10 Greatest Sports Frauds is Danny Almonte who is a former baseball player from Dominican Republic. In the year 2000, Almonte began playing Little League baseball. With a capability to throw at 70 MPH, he became quite a sensational player. After the 2001 Little League World Series in which Almonte led his team to finish third-place, controversies rose regarding his age. It was in fact later revealed that Danny Almonte was two year too old to be playing in the Little League World Series. The concern about age got considerable media attention. Later Almonte continued his career, playing for different teams and in 2010, he began serving as a volunteer assistant coach for his high school baseball team – Cardinal Hayes High School.

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9. Tim Donaghy

Betting scandal

Greatest Sports Frauds

Tim Donaghy is a retired basketball referee who played in the National Basketball Association (NBA) from 1994 to 2007 for about 13 seasons. Before officiating in the NBA, Donaghy used to play for his school’s baseball team. Previous to the betting scandal, Donaghy was involved with another scandal that got a basketball player suspended for seven seasons. In the 2007 NBA betting scandal Tim Donaghy was accused of betting on games and then making calls that affected the point spread on the games. In 2008, Donaghy was sentence to 15 months in federal prison.

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8. Marion Jones

Check fraud & steroid use

Greatest Sports Frauds

At number 8 position of the 10 Greatest Sports Frauds is Marion Lois Jones or Marion Jones-Thompson who was a former track and field athlete and also a former basketball player. She is a World Champion with 3 Gold Medals won in 1997, 1998 & 1999. Her career has been submerged in a lot of controversies. In the Summer Olympics of 2000 she won 2 bronze medals and 3 gold medals but was later stripped of her titles owing to steroid use. At the time of the BALCO scandal, she was among the most famous athletes involved in the scandal. Later Jones’ name got also involved in a check-counterfeiting scheme. In 2008, Jones was sentenced to 6 months of prison because of her involvement in the check fraud case and use of steroids during Olympics.

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