Top 10 Most Handsome Cricketers 2016

Handsome CricketersWith just the complete number of handsome cricketers, women have been stuck with this sport for fairly some time currently. Appearances matter these days and here is a list of Top 10 most handsome cricketers 2016 in the current generation.

Top 10 Most Handsome Cricketers 2016


There are a lot of fans we have realised and get the outcome at the end. There are numerous girls and women are also elaborated in the fan’s category of the ICC Cricket Handsome Cricket world. Here we present you the top 10 chosen results of the Cricket Handsome players. This list comes after the girls fans of the cricket players and we do not fit to the any prominent nation of the Cricket World.

Well, here we are going to present you our list that has featured the top 10 make cricket players that are measured to be the most handsome.

10. Shahid Afridi

Most Handsome Cricketers 2016


One of the most good-looking players among the Muslim portion, Shahid Afridi has always been a crowd puller on and off the ground. At 33, he is one of the supreme decorated, colorful players of Pakistan. The almost 6 foot high all-rounder debuted at the age of 16, and now supports UNICEF for an anti-polio movement in Waziristan.

 9. Brett Lee

Most Handsome Cricketers 2016


The 36 year old is a reliably speedy bowler, highly sporty fielder, and talented batsman as well. He has best bowling stats of 5 for 22 in ODIs, and 690 wickets combined. He is the 2nd fastest bowler in the history of the game and he is also included in the lists that feature the most fashionable and the good-looking players of all time. Most of the enthusiasts are from the India and Australia. He is also the serenest singer and gets a melody award.

8. AB de Villiers

Most Handsome Cricketers 2016

AB de

The Multi-Talented Athlete, AB de Villiers has characterized South Africa in various national and international matches. This attractive and extraordinary cricketer was born in Pretoria, Transvaal Province, South Africa on 17 February 1984. He is a wicket-keeper and batsman. He started playing test matches in 2004 against England. He has seemed in more than 90 international test matches.

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