HD Highlights and Review: Barca defeats hosts, despite Real’s aggressive efforts in the Real Madrid vs Barcelona match

Barca defeats hosts, despite Real’s aggressive efforts in the Real Madrid vs Barcelona match

El Clasico is one of the most anticipated soccer matches in the world, with the entire world waiting with bated breaths to watch arch nemeses Real Madrid and Barcelona battle it out on the field. The two teams came face to face on November 21, 2015, for the first time this season. Real Madrid played host, and welcomed Barcelona to the Bernabeu. Before this, Real Madrid had lost four and won only two matches against Barcelona in their last seven home La Liga games against the team, making them, and their fans, hungry for another victory. There was no telling, before the match, who would walk out with the victory. A victory for Barcelona, on the other hand, would mean they could reach the top of the table with 6 points.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Highlights:



The Real Madrid vs Barcelona match began, and as expected, Pique got roundly jeered at as soon as he took control of the ball. No time was wasted, as Ronaldo and Bale both Bravo, thus setting the tone of the game early on. On the other end of the field, Ramos chopped Suarez down the ground, followed by the two sets of players surrounding the referee. And not the game had not even reached the first 5 min!

Goals : Real Madrid vs Barcelona



Barcelona enjoyed a few minutes of glory in the El Clasico match, but Real soon gained possession, and a superb show by Ronaldo helped his team win the first corner. Neymar drove down the left for the away and attempted to deliver a cross into Suarez, but Navas was out to claim, with Real breaking down the other end. The atmosphere in the field had become stunning! In the 7th min, Neymar found space outside the opponent’s box, and struck towards the comer, which was the first sight of goal for either team. But, his effort was fell through. Suarez did superb work in the buildup.

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona : Cristiano Ronaldo In A Hard Chase

In the 10th min, Ronaldo showed Mascherano a clean pair of heels as he drove past the Argentine, towards Benzema. But, Bravo got strong hands on the ball to clear the chance. And, in the next minute, Roberto drove through the Real midfield before he slid a pass to Suarez, who struck the ball and netted it! First blood for the guest team in the El Clasico 2015.

Suarez and Neymar seemed to be having the time of their lives on the field, as they charged ahead, and displayed top form. By the time 15 min had passed of the Real Madrid vs Barcelona match, Barcelona was enjoying full control of the ball. And soon, tension started to show in the way Real played, as they started to lock horns frequently with the Barca players. Ronaldo got penalized for grappling Alves, and even though both the players were at it, Barcelona earned a free kick. A couple of minutes later, Alba went down, due to his clash with Bale.

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona

El Clasico : The Skill Show Of Neymar

The match soon became a real battleground, with the two teams at each other’s throats. In the 23rd min, James from Real Madrid got booked for a late challenge on Neymar, earning Barcelona a free kick from an excellent position. Neymar angled one to the bottom corner, hoping to increase the lead by 2, but Navas made the save. The guests got another chance, but Roberto’s strike went over the crossbar. Near the close of the first half an hour of the match, James found space outside the box, but Bravo was on hand to make the save.

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona

El Clasico : Cristiano Ronaldo Frustrated

Alves from Barcelona got booked in the 31st min for chopping Ronaldo to the ground, after he was caught in the face by the Portuguese star before being brought down to his knees. Around 6 min later, he was again at war, this time with Ramos. The match seemed to get untidy, as Barcelona continued to play well, while Real kept trying to throw them off their game. And within the flash of an eye, Barcelona scored the second goal of the El Clasico match of the evening, with Neymar netting the ball. The visitors were unstoppable, and 2 extra minutes added to the first half, near the end of which, Neymar really went at it, charging towards the opponent’s box, and seemed precariously close to scoring again. But, Marcelo hindered, and the goal the ball was stopped by Navas. At the end of the first half, the scoreboard read Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona.

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona

El Clasico : Suarez Celebrating His Wonderful Goal

As the second half started, it was expected that both the teams would start with renewed energy and vigour, and a goal in the first 10 min of the second half would definitely change the course of the Real Madrid vs Barcelona match. Marcelo rod a couple of challenges and advanced to the Barca box, but to no avail. 49 min into the game, and Bravo’s attempt to score for Barcelona was saved. Ramos got booked in the 51st min, for chopping Roberto to the ground. Neymar bent a free kick to the top corner, but Navas saved it. He then sent a brilliant pass into Iniesta with the back of the heel, and finally sealed the deal with another fantastic goal!

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona

El Clasico : Cristiano Ronaldo In Disguise

Barca star Messi, who was not on the field due to his injury, had been pacing in excitement by the side of the field for a long time now, and he finally couldn’t control himself, and decided to return to action, replacing Rakitic. Even though he took it slow as though he had all the time in the world, the hostile pace of the match among the other players continued. In the 65th min, Bale wanted a penalty, as Pique seemed to handle inside the box, but the referee showed no interest. With the score card reading 3-0, Real was already looking at a bad loss, and Messi was about to make it worse, as he got the chance to score, after being fed by Neymar, but Varane blocked well.

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona

El Clasico : Iniesta Celebration the Splendid Goal

Minutes later, a wonderful chance came in the way of Real Madrid, as Isco delivered a cross into Ronaldo’s path, but he was blocked by Bravo, and missed a one on one! It was not Ronaldo’s day. In the 73rd min, Ronaldo hit the crossbar, after driving through on goal, but the offside flag got raised. His increased involvement did not affect the match much. Barcelona had a half-chance, Suarez lifted one over the onrushing Navas, but Ramos did enough to clear and diverted the ball back.

And then, in the 74th min, Suarez collected a pass from Messi, who showed his magic within the wink of an eye, and there it was – the 4th goal against Real Madrid. Ronaldo seemed totally devastated, and frustrated. Iniesta handed the captain’s band to Messi, and left the ground, to be replaced by Munir. With less than 10 min left of the match, Benzema collected a superb cross from Carvajal, but his header got pushed away by Bravo. Frustration started kicking in even further, and Carvajal picked up a yellow card, for bringing Neymar down. And then, to complete the game, there was a show of a well-deserved red card, this time for Isco, for his poor challenge on Neymar, thus bringing Real down to 10 men.

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona

El Clasico : Barcelona FC Celebrating Their El Clasico Victory

Benzema’s low strike went wide off the post om the 88th min, followed by a wonderful chance for the guests, as Neymar delivered a cross to Munir, who unfortunately missed it. The second half ended with a save of Ronaldo’s point blank header, and 2 min were added, during which Busquets got booked for bringing Benzema to the deck. The Real Madrid vs Barcelona match finally came to an end, with the home fans left disappointed, and the home players leaving the pitch with their heads hung low, despite their aggressive attempt. At the end of the El Clasico match, the scoreboard read Real Madrid 0-4 Barcelona, putting the guests at the top this season.