Las Palmas Loses Against Real In The First Real Madrid vs Las Palmas Match Since 2002

Real Madrid came face to face with Las Palmas for a La Liga clash at Bernabeu. The unbeaten home side of the season had acquired the place on the top after the drop of points by Atletico Madrid against Deportivo La Coruna. This was the first time the two teams came face to face since February 2002, when Real had clinched a thumping 7-0 win. It was assumed, naturally, that the Real Madrid vs Las Palmas match would be difficult for the guest team.

The hosts got the Real Madrid vs las Palmas match underway, and in the 4th min of the game, reaped their first goal, as Isco scored for the host team, as Jese took advantage of a loose pass before finding Casemiro, who, in turn, turned to Isco. as the match continued, things started to look rather scary, even before the first 10 minutes had been played, as Real drove forward with pace and purpose.

In the 9th min, Real was seen breaking forward with Marcelo, who danced past three challenges, though he could not poke a pass at Ronaldo. Danilo soon seemed to be playing as a right-winger for Real Madrid, but Aythami and Bigas took turns to evade the danger. While they tried to place with pace and power, Jose continued to be rather isolated.

Real Madrid CF v UD Las Palmas
Real Madrid Vs Las Palmas: CR7 In Battle With Defenders

By the time 14 min of the game had been played, Las Palmas had settled for a couple of minutes of possession, but, before anyone could comprehend what was going on, Ronaldo angled a header into the bottom corner, and just like that, it was a goal for Real Madrid again! As the match rolled into its 19th min, El Zhar was seen doing his best for the visiting team, but the attacker got no support from his teammates. It seemed that Real had gotten into their heads already. A minute later, Viera made a brilliant low curling effort, but it was saved by Casilla, steering clear the first chance for las Palmas for the match.

Real Madrid CF v UD Las Palmas
Real Madrid Vs Las Palmas: CR7 On the Swing

As the Real Madrid vs Las Palmas match continued, Real went on dominating, and in the 28th min, they got their third chance to score, as Marcelo slid a super pass towards Jese, but it was saved. Just as the match hit its 30th min, Real Madrid was seen asking for a penalty, as Danilo went down inside the opponent’s box, but the referee was not interested, and ended up giving Las Palmas a free kick instead for handball. Mesa and El Zhar struggled with the ball, but once again, lost possession because of lack of team support. This was followed by the booking of Hernan for a late challenge on Marcelo.

Real Madrid CF v UD Las Palmas
Real Madrid vs Las Palmas: Cristiano Ronaldo In A Chase

A wonderful chance for Real Madrid was saved by Varas in the 35th min, and 3 min later, Hernan rose unmarked insude the Real Madrid box to head a corner pas Casilla, scoring the first goal of the match for his team. But, real was not too late in taking a revenge, as Jese scored the third goal for Real in the 43rd min. After the half time and an extra minute, the score card read Real Madrid 3-1 Las Palmas.

Real Madrid CF v UD Las Palmas
Real Madrid Vs Las Palmas: The Classic Head Of Ronaldo

The 2nd half of the Real Madrid vs Las Palmas match started, and there was not much hope for Las Palmas. A Powerful strike by Casemiro was denied by Javi Varas in the 4th min of the 2nd half, and was followed by a chance for the host team, minutes later, though it fell through, as Isco and Ronaldo failed to take advantage of their situation. The match continued with Real taking over the game almost completely. Las Palmas could have kept themselves calm and played, but instead, the stress on them became apparent every passing minute. Vincente got booked for dissent, and they even failed to make use of the free kick they got after a rash challenge from Nacho.

Real Madrid CF v UD Las Palmas
Real Madrid vs Las Palmas: The Amazing Header Of Cristiano Ronaldo

With a little over half an hour left of the game, Las Palmas tried to give it their best shot, while Real Madrid continued to search for their fourth goal, as the match continued. Ronaldo was seen bundled down in the opponent’s box in the 82nd min, but the referee once again ignored the home team. With just 2 min left of the game, the guest team came across what looked like their last chance, but the efforts of Tana and Viera squeezed wide off the post.

Real Madrid CF v UD Las Palmas
Real Madrid Vs Las Palmas: Cristiano Ronaldo Celebration

The 2nd half came to a close, and in the additional 4 min, two wonderful saves were seen, made by Varas, as the stopper kept out Ronaldo and then Mayoral, followed by the booking of Aythami for a late challenge on Vazquez. But, no significant change was seen. By the time the match ended, half of the stadium had already got up and left, as the score board remained set at Real Madrid 3-1 Las Palmas.

The Real Madrid vs Las Palmas thus came to a close with the host team claimed all the points with their victory.