Paris Saint-German Plays An Excellent Game, But Real Gets Lucky in the Real Madrid Vs PSG Match Of Champions League Group A

Real Madrid came face to face with Paris Saint-German for the Champions League Group A match at Bernabeu. While, at the start of the Real Madrid vs PSG match, both the teams had already earned 7 points each, it was Real Madrid leading the section on the basis of goal difference. Obviously, the importance of the match could not be downplayed. With a number of good players on the field, the initial speculations were regarding who would produce. Of course, the pressure was slightly more on PSG, and they needed players like Ibrahimovic and Cavani to be at their best.


The visitors enjoyed the possession of the ball for some time since the kickoff. PSG looked like they were in the mood to prove themselves against Real. But as Verratti worked the ball into Aurier, the right-back committed a foul, sending the ball into Real’s possession. But, there was a good exchange of the ball between the two teams.

Nacho’s Goal:

In the 4th min of the Real Madrid vs PSG game, Cavani danced right into the box of Real Madrid, but Varane got a toe to the ball, thus averting the danger. The first attempt on target was made by Ronaldo in the 5th min, but Trapp was down to make the save. But, aside from his strike, PSG seemed to be having a better night for the first 10 min. In the 11th min, there was a pause in the match, as Isco and Aurier clashed heads after the PSG defender had beaten the Spaniard to a super Ramos cross, leaving Isco with a nasty gash, leading him to actually sit back down in the dug-out. This was in the 15th min, and a minute later, he was seen playing a good game. Ibrahimovic’s effort could not make any effect on Real, as his strike went over the crossbar.

Real Madrid Vs PSG - UCL
Real Madrid Vs PSG: Cristiano Ronaldo And Angel Di-Maria.

By the time 20 min had passed, a couple of injuries had taken place, thus hampering the tempo of the match. The first real chance of the evening came to PSG, as Aurier raced down the right, but his effort to feed a super cross into Matuidi was obstructed by Navas. They came close again, in the 23rd min, but it did not help their score. Ronaldo, however, tried to pick things up for his team, but PSG maintained their pace, as they made great saves and came across close chances, until, in the 35th min, a goal was scored, and it was a game changer, as Nacho scored one for Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Real Madrid Vs PSG: Cristiano Ronaldo Showing Magic Skills

As the match continued, PSG came close to a score, several times, but till the half time, and the additional 4 min, they could not net the ball. At the end of the first half of the Real Madrid vs PSG match, the scoreboard read Real Madrid 1-0 PSG.

4 min into the second half, and PSG was already trying to grab a half chance. But Navas successfully avoided the danger from Di Maria. The match continued, and for several minutes, the match seemed rather quiet, until Ibrahimovic made another failed attempt in the 55th min. With around half an hour left of the match, Real Madrid seemed to be putting PSG under pressure. But, nothing significant enough to change the score happened. Real Madrid continued to play an improved game.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Real Madrid Vs PSG : Zlatan Shaking Hands With Navas

In the 67th min of the Real Madrid vs PSG match, Luiz got booked for a late challenge on Isco, and the resulting free kick once again failed to make any significant change to the game. PSG, after giving a good fight, lost their way for a few minutes, but tried to pick up their pace in the last 10 minutes. However, their struggle was visible, though Real Madrid did see a threat in Di Maria.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Nacho
Real Madrid Vs PSG : Cristiano Ronaldo And Nacho Celebrating Winning Goal

In the 88th min, Casemiro was booked for pulling Di Maria, earning PSG a free kick from a precarious position. But, Di Maria hit the top of the crossbar for his team. He made yet another stunning strike in the last minute of the second half, which again hit the crossbar. After 3 additional minutes during which Navas got booked for wasting time, the scoreboard read Real Madrid 1-0 PSG. PSG played an excellent game, but were just unlucky, while, Real walked away with the victory in the Real Madrid vs Paris Saint-German match.