HD Highlights and Review: Real draws with home team in the Real Madrid vs Malaga match

Real draws with home team in the Real Madrid vs Malaga match

Real Madrid came face to face with Malaga at La Rosaleda for La Liga on Sunday. Before the match, Malaga was in the 11th place, while Real Madrid was behind the leaders, Barcelona, by a massive 10 points. Malaga had won just one out of the last 29 La Liga matches against Real, including their 3-2 win in the Real Madrid vs Malaga match in 2012.

Real Madrid vs Malaga [Highlights]



The match began amidst a good atmosphere, though it was not exactly a full house. Malaga grabbed a decent possession early in the match. Ramos made a risky back pass, putting his team’s keeper in trouble. But, Navas go it ahead of Charles. In the 2nd min of the Real Madrid vs Malaga match, Torres from the home team got booked for pulling back Jese. Former Malaga midfielder, Isco, made his way into the opponent’s box, but his superb pass was stopped by Weligton. By the 6th min, Ronaldo, Isco and Jese were seen swapping positions, and Isco seemed particularly fired up against his former team. In the 7th min, Cop was seen doing a superb job, as he set Charles up inside the guest team’s box, but it fell through, and Malaga was left with a corner.

Real Madrid vs Malaga [All Goals]



It was a tricky work by Isco, as the attacker drove away from Torres down the right and made a delivery to Ronaldo. But the the corner was cleared by Albentosa. Ramos followed it up with a header, but it fell through, as well. The Real Madrid vs Malaga match continued, with both teams engaging in a tactical battle. In the 14th min, Cop makes an effort from distance, but misses the mark completely. Till the 17th min, there was no clear chance seen in the match, but in the 18th min, the first one came for Real, as Kovacic slid a pass to Jese, but his effort to beat Kameni was stopped. Isco them hammered a half-volley over the Malaga cross bar from a wide position. Two more chances were seen in the match, both for Malaga, as Juanpi and Horta’s efforts fell through.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo showing his amazing ball control

After a period of messy defense by Real, a chance came their way in the 24th min, as Marcelo slipped a pass to Jese, but Kameni stopped it. A minute later, Marcelo was booked for a late challenge on Rosales. The efforts made by both the teams were expressed through the fast pace of the match, with Ronaldo enjoying 64% of possession, but with no real control over the opponent team. In the 31st min of the Real Madrid vs Malaga match, Ronaldo was on the ground, due to an off-ball challenge by Albentora, but the referee refused to take any action, leaving Ronaldo livid.

Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo in a superior attack for Real Madrid

In the 34th min, Ronaldo made full use of Kroos’ free kick, and sent a header straight into the back of the net. The first goal of the match, in favour of the guests, had a hint of offside, though. In the 35th min, Weligton got booked for bringing Ronaldo down inside the box, and Real earned a penalty. Kameni, however, kept the strike by Ronaldo from entering the box. In the 40th min of the Real Madrid vs Malaga match, there was a clear opening for the home team, but Cop’s low strike got deflected to the sidebar by Navas. With 4 min left till the end of the first half, Charles got booked for dissent. Even in the last 2 min of the first period, the two teams continued to be at each other’s throat. At the end of the first half of the Real Madrid vs Malaga match, the score board read Malaga 0-1 Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating his goal

The second half began, with no changes from either side at the break, and it was a bright start, with Jese coming close to finding a teammate from a low cross, as Charles got denied by a fine challenge from Ramos down the other end. Ramos made a superb save, as he stopped Horta’s strike got deflected to the crossbar. Ronaldo and Albentosa continued to clash, which led to the latter throwing himself to the ground, even though Ronaldo hardly touched him. In the 5th min, Camacho got booked for a late challenge on Marcelo. A min later, Kameni flew across his goal to prevent a strike by Ronaldo.

Mateo Kovacic

Mateo Kovacic in a hard chase against Malaga defense

With just 30 min left of the Real Madrid vs Malaga match, Cop fired over Real crossbar, and came close one more time. Juanti attempted to chip Navas, but the Real keeper made the save and released Ronaldo down-field. Excitement was palpable, and in the 66th min, Ramos deflected a formal effort over the crossbar as Malaga came close again. A min later, Albentosa received a low cross from Weligton and sent it into the Real box, scoring an equalizer! In the 70th min, Isco sent the ball to the back of the net, but unfortunately, the he was ruled offside, and the goal was disqualified, much to the disappointment of the Real fans, but it was the correct decision.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo showing his aerial skill

In the 71st min, Modric got booked for a high boot. The pressure on both the teams was understandable. In the 76th min, Navas made an incredible save by keeping out a header by Charles. In the 79th min, Ronaldo went through on the Malaga goal, but his effort went wide off the post. Again, the pressure was clearly visible. Meanwhile, Malaga seemed pretty confident. In the 89th min, Ronaldo made another effort, but again failed to make contact. Malaga replaced Juanpi with Duda, in the last min, and this was followed by the booking of Kameni for wasting time.

After the 90 min were over, 4 additional minutes were added to the match. Vasquez dug out a cross into the home team’s box, but Weligton hacked clear! Duda got the chance to deliver a free kick, but Navas claimed it. As a last chance, James fired straight into Kameni. But the full time was declared with the scorecard reading Malaga 1-1 Real Madrid.

With that, Real lost the chance to close the gap between them and Barcelona, falling short by 9 points in La Liga. Malaga proved to be the superior team in the match, and Real were lucky enough to grab a point.