Real gains victory against home team in the Real Madrid vs Eibar match

Real Madrid came face to face with Eibar in a La Liga clash at Ipurua. Before the Real Madrid vs Eibar match, Real was only 4 points ahead of its opponent. The speculations regarding the match were high, fans waited with bated breath as the two teams entered the field.


It was expected that Eibar would take a high-pressing style in the early stages of the Real Madrid vs Eibar match, and they did just that. This led to a very bright start. While the home side continued to move the ball in the final third, Real had the space to threaten on the counter. It seemed that they would get a confidence boost with a goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Goal:

6 min into the match, and Real Madrid had still not been able to get their passing game together, as Modric passed a loose one. Inui found space in a wide position before delivering to Enrich, but Navas went out for a claim, releasing Bale down the field. The passes seemed to go astray, especially for Real Madrid, and while Eibar had a couple of chances to deliver set prices into the opponent’s box in the opening 13 min, the overall quality was not great.

Real Madrid Vs Eibar
James Rodriguez in a hard chase

In the 14th min, Navas claimed a decent strike which came from Enrich, and in the 15th min, Kroos delivered a wonderful pass into the path of Ronaldo, who went into a one-on-one situation with Eibar goalkeeper, resulting in a failed chance. Gradually, Real started to take control, but Eibar had the ability to threaten them. In the 20th min, Navas made yet another save, deflecting Inui’s strike. The Real Madrid vs Eibar match continued, with no remarkable or game-changing performance from either side.

Real Madrid Vs Eibar
Gareth Bale celebrating his goal

A little less than 15 min left till the half time, Dos Santos from Eibar got booked for a poor challenge on Danilo, who remained down following the challenge, and not looking comfortable at all, and then, he limped off the field. Minutes later, Kovacic from Real Madrid got booked for a late challenge on Garcia.

With only 5 min left of the first half, Real failed to deliver the expected response. In the 41st min, Modric found a space outside the Eibar box, but his strike went straight to Riesgo who saved it. Ronaldo broke down the left before delivering to Bale, but dos Santos blocked the ball. Just a min before the break was to be declared, Bale headed home at the near post, following a super cross from Modric, and it was a goal for Real! After 3 additional min, the scoreboard read Eibar 0-1 Real Madrid.

Real Madrid Vs Eibar
Nice attacking techniques by Real Madrid

Once the 2nd half began, tensions arose in the minds of both the times. Though Eibar was behind, they were more than capable of responding. Ronaldo was seen going down the Eibar box, waving his finger at the referee, who was not interested. Inui found a space in a wide area before delivering towards the post, but Navas was out to claim and release Carvajal down the right. Neither team seemed to be in control in the Real Madrid vs Eibar match, even in the 2nd half.

Real Madrid Vs Eibar
Tony Kroos against Eibar defenders

In the 55th min, Ronaldo went charged ahead, meeting a superb cross from Bale, but the attacker’s bicycle kick went spinning away from goal. Another chance fell through in the match, this time for the home side, as Pantic’s header went wide off the post. In the 61st min, Pepe got booked for a late challenge on Enrich. Eibar continued their threatening attempts, and as Ronaldo went down inside the box under a challenge from Junca, it called for a big penalty shout for Real. But the referee did not show any interest, leaving Ronaldo fuming.

Real Madrid Vs Eibar
Marvelous volley by Cristiano Ronaldo

With around 25 min left till the end of the Real Madrid vs Eibar match, the home team continued to press for an equalizer, but to no avail. But as the minutes rolled away, Real finally decided to take charge, and there came a chance for them to score their second goal of the match, but it did not work. It seemed that both the teams were getting frustrated. In the 77th min, Vasquez got booked for a late challenge on Real’s Junca.

Real Madrid Vs Eibar
Cristiano Ronaldo after the clash with defenders

In the 82nd min, Real was finally awarded a spot kick, following Dani Garcia bringing Vasquez to the ground. Ronaldo made use of the penalty shot awarded, and got his name on the scoreboard, which now read Eibar 0-2 Real Madrid. In the last minute of the match, Escalante from Eibar got booked for a late challenge on Modric, and Ronaldo took a course to score a third goal. But the home team managed to resist it.

Real Madrid Vs Eibar
Winning celebration of Real Madrid

In the additional 3 min after the match, Benzema got close, but failed to score, while Verdi from Eibar got booked for a late challenge on Modric. The Real Madrid vs Eibar match came to an end, and Real remained in the 3rd position in the table after the match.